Wednesday, 20 February 2013

BIG Collective Haul Part 1: Shoes

In a wee change of events from the usual empties/review posts that have become so standard of late, I have a haul post for you - the first of three in fact.
This isn't because i've suddenly won the lottery and bulk-bought a load of stuff, but rather is a way of 'showcasing' things i've accumulated (shall we say) over the past few months (including Christmas presents and whatnot).

So not to bore everyone to tears (and give myself a serious headache trying to put it all together), i've decided to split these posts (and hopefully youTube videos) into: 
1. Shoes 
2. Clothing/Accessories (such as handbags and jewellery) and 
3. Everything else (which includes everything from my MacBook Pro to my Hello Kitty jewellery stand!).

So for today's post...

A Pair Of Shoes Can Change Your Life. Just Ask Cinderella.

Jewelled Sandals - Next via Ebay £15 (RRP £35)
I have a dance/ball to go to in March (watch out for pictures!) and needed some pretty yet practical sandals to wear with my dress. I couldn't resist these when I spotted them on Ebay.

Tan ballet pumps - Primark £3 (Sale)
As if Primark couldn't get any cheaper! A girl can never have too many little flat shoes, and these will be ideal for work (when the weather gets warmer and i'm prepared to give up my socks!)

Blink Hi-tops in Bronze and Gunmetal - TKMaxx £24.99
Yes, that's right, I bought two pairs of the same type of trainer. Even though they're not technically my style and I haven't a CLUE what i'm going to wear them with. But you know what? I love them!

Ankle Boots - Matalan £18
For everyday wear, I live in these kind of little boots: practical yet chic. I love the gold detailing on them.

Emu Sheepskin Mini Boots - TKMaxx £27 (sale - RRP £125!)
This was a bit of a guilty purchase. I know they are basically the devil incarnate in a shoe for many people, but I just couldn't resist. They weren't even meant to fit me (labelled as a size 6 when i'm a 7), but something made me try them on and before you know it their marshmallow cosiness had me walking to the checkout with them. Sorry.

Horrendous photo. I do apologise. But you get the gist. 
'Palomino' Boot - Jones Bootmaker (Christmas present)
There's something about a good pair  of black leather boots that always makes me feel more 'pulled together', and so I was delighted when I got these for Christmas (after much hinting). Very sturdy and comfortable yet stylish too (...I sound like my mother.)

'Tulsa' Boot - Jones Bootmaker £40 (sale)
I love these. I have already ran down a street in them and didn't die - albeit I was drunk and probably would have bounced should I have fallen over. 

So what do you think? A bit excessive on the shoe front, or are you as bad as me for footwear?


  1. Bit in love with those tan pumps! x

    1. Yeah I couldn't believe how cheap they were! xxx