Friday, 28 January 2011

Am I the only person in the world....

...who doesn't think MaxFactor Great Lash is that good a mascara?!
Time for some (admittedly rather shoddy) comparison pics, between Great Lash and L'Oreal Voluminous...

My eyes, sans make-up

Great Lash - 3 coats, top and bottom lashes

I had heard so many people raving about this mascara (and the fact it's meant to be identical to CoverGirl Lash Blast) that I had to try one for myself, but on using it I don't know what all the fuss is about! Maybe i'm using it wrong, but I personally wouldn't say it has the effect of false lashes in terms of thickening, and I don't think it has a dramatic effect. It's good enough for simple day time wear, but I reckon I could find far better highstreet mascara's for less than it's £10.99 price tag!

L'Oreal Voluminous- 3 Coats

Apologies for these not being the best pics, but Voluminous is far better in terms of thickening, and is a very buildable mascara which produces more obvious effects. It's a mascara which also seems to perform a bit better once it's dried out slightly, as when I first bought it I wasn't very impressed with this one either, but I would go back to it again. It retails for slightly less than the great lash, at around £8.00.

What do you think - do you love Great Lash or are you unimpressed like me?!

Melanie x

NOTD - Shellac Tropix

(Please excuse the not-very-good picture - taken on my Blackberry!)
I can't tell you how much I love this colour -  a really gorgeous bright tropical peachy orange, aptly named Tropix - and it's really brightened up my day!
This is the latest Shellac I've had put on my nails. To get them redone every two weeks costs me £18, but I think it's worth it as my nails are protected and I have the option of painting over them :)

What do you think?
Melanie x

P.S. I'm so excited - I won tickets for a local wedding fair today - i've never won anything in my life!
Thursday, 27 January 2011

New YouTube video!

Hello folks, just to let you know i've put my January favourites (I know it's only the 27th but what the heck) on YouTube:

Melanie x
Friday, 21 January 2011

Razzle Dazzle Them - the Best (and Worst) of the Golden Globes...

Is it just me who's more interested in the red carpet entrance than the actual awards/ceremony at things like the Golden Globes/Oscars/Baftas...?

The Best...

I love this beautiful Jenny Packham vintage-style dress - and how much does Sandra suit her hair like that?!

Ann Hathaway in Aramani Prive - the detailing is almost like fish scales

Scarlett Johannson in Ellie Saab - this and Sandra Bullock's gown are what I'd like my wedding dress to be like

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace - she pulls of simple yet stunning beautifully!

Megan Fox in Armani Prive - to some this dress might be a bit "highschool prom", but Megan is so beautiful she could pull anything off!

Mandy Moore in Monique L'Hullier - I don't like the bottom of this dress but like the shoulder detail

Natalie Portman (designer unknown) - could be a controversial choice, but I think Natalie looks really glowing and the dress really suits her (and her bump!)

Carrie Underwood (designer unknown)

I don't know if any ordinary citizen could pull off this Oscar de la Renta dress, but Lea Michelle manages fabulously!

The Worst...

I actually quite like this Vivienne Westwood dress - just not the shoes!

Tilda Swinton - you can't say she's any less than eccentric!

**All images courtesy of the Daily Mail website**

Melanie x
Thursday, 20 January 2011

Style Crush of the Week... of course the lovely Lauren Conrad (I think you all saw this coming!).
I am in total awe of her wardrobe and thinks she manages to put together some really chic outfits, mixing highstreet/vintage/designer. I also think she has one of the most attainable styles out of most celebs, compared to, for example, Victoria Beckham.
So if you couldn't tell, I heart LC, and here's a little "Look Book" of some of my favourite outfits...

(Lovin' Audrina's outfit too!)

(I want this jacket! And the bag would be nice too - this girl owns a lot of Chanel!)

Watch this space for my next style crush...!

Melanie x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

A post of two halves...

Hello everyone - can't believe it's Sunday again already!
Also can't believe I got post today - and look was in it:

I  had actually forgotten i'd ordered these (about a week and a half ago!) from Amazon. Kirstie's book was around £7 and I think Lauren's was about the same.
I've wanted Kirstie's Homemade Home ever since watching her programme (of the same name) on Channel 4 (she's also inspired me to get a sewing machine!), and the Style by Lauren Conrad i've wanted for forever (given that i'm a slight LC/The Hills fanatic!). I've not had the  chance to have a proper read through of either of them yet, but I have had a flick through and they look promising - watch out for reviews in the future!
I think I've got a bit of a celebrity-style-advice problem however....

Also in other news....i'm now on YouTube and Twitter!
My YouTube is this and Twitter is here. I'm very excited!

Melanie x
Saturday, 15 January 2011

Do you like my hat...?

For some reason I seem to have an abnormally large head when it comes to hats (i'd like to think my head doesn't look big), and they tend to sit like a pea on a mountain on top of my head. I blame the huge mass of hair I have. And the massive brain of course.
But anyway whenever I find a hat that fits me, I snap it up. I got this Kourtney Kardashian-esque number at TKMaxx for the very HRH-bargainous price of £7.00. Now I just need to find an outfit to wear with it and an occasion to wear it to!

Melanie x
Thursday, 13 January 2011

An unlikely "like"...

Good evening Gals (and possibly Guys...)
Just thought i'd do a quick review on something I didn't think i'd like but turned out to love them...
"Coleen" EDT and "Coleen Black" EDT by Coleen McLoughlin/Rooney (both frangrances in pic = 30ml)

I actually ended up getting these perfumes (which came as part of a gift set) through a swap with my sister - I originally had been given the Kate Moss perfume, which my sister preferred over the Coleen ones (she works in Semi Chem and thus has turned into a slight perfume expert/snob!).

I have to admit I didn't have very high expectations for these perfumes, simply because (being as sceptical as I am):
  • I'm not generally a fan of celebrity perfumes
  • The packaging looks a bit cheap and tacky,
  • They are an EDT rather than an EDP which doesn't last as long on the skin
  • They only retail for around £16-£20 (depending on size), and I've tended to associate price with quality
  • My sister in all her perfume knowledge had not painted them in the best light.
However on spraying these fragrances I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had been expecting them to be sickly sweet (as with many celebrity perfumes - Britney Spears' for example) but they're actually a more "mature" sweetness (does that make sense?!) that someone like my Mum (who's 50) could wear as an every day fragrance.

The original Coleen fragrance has been described as a soft citrus floral with stunning yet delicate notes of sweet orange and soft citrus. Heart notes of lily of the valley and a soft rose wrapped in a marine accord. The base has sensual undertones of patchouli, amber, musk and cedar wood. Coleen is a young, fun and fresh scent, whilst the "Black" perfume is heavier, more confident and yet still undeniably feminine and delicate. Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and hazelnut praline give way to a floral heart of rose, violet, gardenia, lily and raspberry. The base notes of woods, amber, musk and vanilla ensure the fragrance has a long lasting depth.
Lovely descriptions I think you'll agree. Both scents remind me of lovely, comforting, fresh smells like talcum powder, washing up powder and vanilla, and although there is a slight difference in the perfumes, there isn't a dramatic difference - I certainly wouldn't say the "Black" perfume is at all heavy or something you could wear as an evening fragrance (indeed i've been wearing it during the day).

Their staying power has actually also exceeded my expectations - I put it on in the morning and there's still a definate trace of it still there by lunchtime (although I usually do a "top-up" round about then!).
Because of the price I don't feel as guilty about generously spraying it on as I might do with my much more expensive perfumes such as "Angel" or "Alien", and I would definately consider repurchasing these once they run out.

What do you think? Do you have any perfumes that have exceeded your expectations?

Melanie x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

NOTD - China Glaze Frostbite

Hello girlies, me again.
Just another quick post to let you see what polish i'm currently sporting on my talons (please ignore the terrible grown out Shellac underneath, gah - the appointment is booked for this weekend thank goodness!)

Not very highstreet in terms of price I know (usually retailing about £8 from the likes of Salon Services) but Lee-Anne who does my nails used her trade discount to get me this bottle of Frostbite for £4 - a much better price I think you'll agree!

A lovely metallic/frosted/rich dark blue (the photo doesn't do it justice) this is a firm favourite. I can't really comment on it's staying power as I wear my polish over my gel/Shellac, but China Glaze has an excellent reputation as one of the top nail polish brands.

What's your current favourite nailpolish?

Melanie x