Monday, 30 April 2012

My last (most recent) haul

Hi folks
I have actually bought a couple of bits since this last haul (nothing clothes wise, sadly) which I will hopefully do another post on at some point, but for the mean time I thought i'd show you what I got in my last haul before I moved.

Tesco (Florence and Fred)
Top, £8 and Bag, £12

Calvin Klein Nail Polish 'Madly Mauve' (313), £1.99 and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polish 'Sea and be seen', £1.49

Rimmel lasting finish lipstick 'Coral in gold', £1.99

Rimmel Colour Mouse eyeshadow, 'Pewter', 'Mocha', 'Midnight Blue', £1.99

Naked Detox Balancing Shampoo, £1.50

Blazer, £15

Shirt (2 of), £6

Blazer, £15

Snood, £4

Cuff, £3

Cigarette pants, £11

Blazer, £10 (down from £24)

'No drought' dry shampoo, £6.50 and Ultrabland (45g) £6.45


'Chocolate Brownie' dry shampoo, £1.99 and Barry M foundation (to mix with other foundation), £6.19

Thanks for continuing to support my blog peeps!

Melanie x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More finished products - would I buy again?

(Goodness, I really don't like this new Blogger layout - i've been away too long!)

If you subscribe to me on YouTube and have seen my latest vlog, you'll know i'm struggling with the big move down south, and as a result my blogging has suffered (I'm currently illicitly writing this on my work computer) - but this is my attempt at getting back into it!

So in the meantime of me moving and last doing one of these posts, I have accumulated quite a few empty products. I actually find it quite amusing that these type of posts/YouTube videos have become quite popular of late, as it's something that I had been doing for ages!

E.L.F. 2 in 1 Conditioning Lipgloss - I am a bit of a lipgloss junkie (although more of a lipstick one nowadays) and do get through them at quite a rate, but this one lasted me quite a long time - the fact that it's in a squeezy tube and thick in consistency probably contributes to this. The fairly thick consistency helps this last on your lips, and is smooth and comfortable to wear - it doesn't dry your lips out. Would I buy again? Yes, I would. I like most E.L.F. products generally, and at £3.50 with a really wide range of shades available you can't go wrong!

Naked 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner - I have been making a marked effort to buy from companies that use natural/organic (where possible) ingredients in their products, and who don't test on animals, and Naked tick both these boxes - and they're really affordable (around £3.99 for a 250ml bottle). I've tried a couple of products both from their skincare (review to come - hopefully!) and haircare ranges, and really like them. This particular product is a fairly straightforward, 'simple' one - does the job, smells fresh and lathers really well, despite being free from SLS's and other chemicals usually added to shampoos to foam them up. Would I buy again? Yes, particularly to take on holiday when space is an issue. However i'm struggling to find this particular type - it appears the 'detox' type is now only available as a shampoo and seperate conditioner, therefore the link i've provided is for the children's version!

Boots Botanics Eye Makeup Remover - i've featured this before on one of these posts, as i'm now onto my 3rd bottle of the stuff. I also did a review on it here. So far i've found it to be the most effective of all eye makeup removers i've used (and believe me, i've tried a lot), and always try to pick bottles up when they're on special offer. Would I buy again? Yes - cheap, effective (literally dissolves eyemakeup really easily) and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

Lacura Q10 Day Cream (from Aldi stores) - Aldi have gained quite a (good) reputation for developing really inexpensive products which use the same ingredients as more highend products, and are frequently raved about and featured in glossy magazines. This particular little pot which contains the miracle ingredient of Q10 costs literally less than £2 and is an excellent dupe for the Nivea Q10 cream. It's a really nice, lightweight day cream that sinks in quickly - perfect before applying makeup. Would I buy again? Yes - Aldi have become my go-to place when I need to grab a really inexpensive, unoffensive face cream, and i've really been impressed with their ever-expanding range of facial products.

Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks mascara - one of many mascaras I had on the go at once (bad I know), this mascara came to an untimely end only because the middle part popped off (see pic above) and it dried out! I wouldn't say I noticed a dramatic difference in the different 'steps', but it is quite a dark black which I always like in a mascara. Would I buy again? Probably not. It didn't wow me!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter - I did wonder whether or not to include this, as I go through tons of it! What can I say, it's amazing and I love it: cheap, easily accessible, not tested on animals, thick and luxurious, smells AMAZING and keeps skin soft. Love! Would I buy again? Do you even have to ask?

What have you finished recently that you would/wouldn't buy again?
Melanie x

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An Interview With...Corrie, DizzyBrunette3

[Melanie disclaimer/update]
I was going to apologise for being MIA as a blogger, but as a couple of people have mentioned, blogging is my hobby, not my career and therefore I shouldn't have to apologise if I don't have the time for doing it!
I am currently in a horrendously foul mood as i've recently moved and quite frankly hate it. I want to go home. Everyone keeps saying I just need time to adjust, blah blah blah, but I don't WANT to get used to it, I want my home and my family and everything the way it was.

Anyway, in an attempt to get back to blogging and a tiny shred of normality (although I'm having to hijack the internet at my new workplace), I've got another blogger interview for you, with Corrie from Dizzybrunette3

I only started reading Corrie's blog relatively recently (around the start of the year), but I really like the cute layout of her blog and the product reviews - both highstreet and higher end - on offer.


What Inspired you to start your blog?
I was inspired by other blogs and YouTube channels that I regularly read/watched. I’ve always loved make up and writing so setting up a blog seemed like a natural thing to do.

What would you like to achieve from your blog/channel?
I think I’ve already achieved much more than what I imagined, for example the Cosmo blog award nomination and the amount of readers is pretty mind-blowing! I love being able to give advice to readers and hope that it helps them! I would love to have my blog featured in a magazine though!

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their own blog and/or channel?
Just write about what you love, be unique and write a blog that you’d like to read yourself.

(Other than your own of course) what blogs/channels do you recommend?
Ooh there’s so many! Off the top of my head; Belle’s Boutique, MissyElz, Jennifer Rose Ellen, MilkTeef, Viviannadoesmakeup, Ghostparties are blogs and videos are: Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr, Lisa Eldrige, Essiebutton and Dollybowbow.

If you could choose one celebrity to guest edit your blog for a day who would you choose and why?
Probably Cheryl Cole, I love her and I’d love to find out exactly what make up she uses as she always looks so perfect!


Which celebrity do you think has the best overall make-up/hair style?
Millie Mackintosh from Made in Chelsea is my total make up crush. She has a really natural style that looks lovely and glam at the same time! Total girl crush!

What one item (cosmetic or otherwise!) could you not leave the house without?
I never leave the house without lipstick as you always need to reapply as the day goes on!

♥ Do you ever go out without make-up on?
Not really no, I’m not very confident without it, but on holiday in the day I wear no makeup and at night it’s a lot more natural J

What would you say is the best High-street/drugstore line for each of the following:
            a. Make-up: L’Oreal or Bourjois
b. Hair care: Aussie
            c. Skincare: La Roche Posay

 Any make-up/haircare/skincare tips?
Wear what suits you and your skin type. Always get colour matched for foundations. Hair wise the more conditioner the better! And skincare, drink lots of water and use Origins super spot remover for any nasty spots!


♥ How would you describe your style?
Very girly!

♥ Who's your biggest style influence/where do you draw inspiration from?
I usually get influence from other fashion blogs or celebrities. Currently I am loving Mollie King from the Saturdays look.

♥ Favourite place to shop?
Ooh has to be Topshop or Zara at the moment!

♥ High-street or designer?
High-street all the way!

♥ Best fashion buy?
Probably my grey leather jacket from Miss Selfridge, it’s a staple item in my wardrobe which goes with everything!

♥ What would you consider wardrobe essentials?
A leather jacket, well-fitting pair of jeans, floral dresses, plain tops to match everything and shorts!

♥ Fashion "do's and don'ts"?
My number one fashion don’t is flesh coloured tights, especially with open toed shoes. Fashion do at the moment is pastels!

You can also find Corrie on Twitter @dizzybrunette3

Melanie x

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Humongous Haul!

Sometimes you just can't beat a bit of retail therapy, and I've been looking forward to it all week!
Here's what i've picked up recently...


I hear and I forget notepaid (£4.99) and Hello Kitty for Liberty Pen (£2.99)

Physcian's Formula Organic Blend Bronzer (£4.99)


Miss Sporty Nail Polishes (£1.99 each, currently on 3 for 2 offer)

Revlon Lip Butters (£7.99 each, currently on 3 for 2 offer)

Real Techniques Blusher Brush (£9.99), Poweder Brush (£9.99), Starter Kit (£21.99) - all on 3 for 2 offer

Garnier Intensive gel-cream moisturiser (on sale - £1.99)

New Look
Cotton summer dress (£7 in sale)

Red soft-touch skinny jeans (£22.99)

T-shirts (£8.99 or 2 for £10)


The Tourist (£5)
Bad Teacher (£4.50)
Eat, Pray, Love (£5)
Street Dance (£3)
Pretty Woman (£3)
Salt (£5)
Breakfast at Tiffany's (£3)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt2 (£7)


Blouse (£12)

Snood (£4)

Gilet (men's department) (£10)

T-Shirt (£6)

Cigarette pants (£5 on sale)

T-Shirt (men's department) (£7)

Birkenstock-style sandals (£4)

Amercan-Apparel style zipped top (men's department) (£14)

Leggings (£6)

Jacket (£5)
T-Shirt (men's department) (£7)

I've also placed an order with Fragrance Direct so watch out for a post on that!

Have you bought anything recently?

Melanie x

March 2012 Favourites

Another month gone by eh? Where has the time gone.

March's favourites for me are a bit of a random bunch and - shock horror! - no makeup items!
Rather than mention the same products each month (as I do use a 'core' collection which I genuinely love, such as my beloved Palmer's Cocoa Butter), I try and list those which are relatively new to me but which I have been using/loving on a regular basis.

On that basis, here's what I was loving during the month of March...
(I've linked to places where you can buy each product)

  • Ionika Curling Wand - I bought this on a whim from TKMaxx when it was priced at £9.99 (every other one there was priced at £24.99, and TKMaxx have a policy that if a product is priced at a certain amount they have to honour that price), but actually didn't get round to using it till recently. I think it will take quite a bit of practising to get the technique down, but so far i've manged to create really nice curls that really hold, even without hairspray. The wand gets REALLY hot really quickly (which is why you need to use the glove provided) - I think I did quite well getting it for £9.99!

  • Sally Hansen Inst-Dri - I am a big fan of Seche Vite, but my bottle has went all gloopy, and rather than ordering the polish thinner off the internet (i'm too impatient) I decided to try this instead. Whilst it doesn't exactly deliver on the anti-chip promise, it is very similar to Seche Vite in that you can apply it almost straight away over polish and they are dry around 30 seconds later - great for those times I decide to paint my nails before going to sleep!

  • Express Makeup and Style Eyes books (reviews here and here) - As i'm sure i've mentioned before, i'm really getting into my makeup at the moment, and i'm seeking inspiration from almost everywhere. My friend gave me these books to look at, and I was really inspired by the beautiful photographs and practical hints and tips.
  • Favourite book: Change of Heart, Jodi Picoult - I have never read any Jodi Picoult books before now (i've always been put off by the tear-jerker genre), and I would not have read this particular one had I not just finished a book on my Kindle and my Mum had this to spare. Claire has a heart defect, and as it turns out the only suitable doner available just also happens to be the murderer of her father and sister some 12 years ago. When I read this (combined with the Amazon reviews, of which I am usually heavily influenced by) I was like "say what?! What a load of poppicock" and started reading it already with a negative attitude, but I have to say I was immediately hooked, and there is a theme/twist in the story (which is not mentioned on the back of the book) that definitely makes the book. I don't want to say what it is as I don't want to give anything away, but it definitely tugs at the heart strings whilst raising questions that i'm still thinking about even after I finished the book.
  • Favourite blog(s) (I'm cheating this month and having two) - Philofaxy and A Thrifty Mrs - If you are a filofax/stationery/organiser obsessive like myself, you will LOVE Philofaxy. As well as free downloads to print out for each type of Filofax, there's also quirky little posts such as 'what's in my filofax' which I love. Totally conversely (although not really, cause this lady is also very organised) is A Thrifty Mrs - a fabulous blog on everything (as the name suggests) thrifty and money saving. Mrs Thrifty actually appeared on Superscrimpers on channel 4, and her blog is a fantastic little fountain of hints and tips relating to everything from charity shop shopping to cleaning around the house.
  • Favourite YouTube Channel: Simon's Cat - Even if you don't own/like cats, it will not fail to make you laugh, and if you do own a cat, you can relate to everything that goes on in each little mini video (usually around 1-2 mins long). Recently when i've needed cheering up i've been watching one of these little videos - very daft!

What have you been loving this month?
Melanie x

Goodbye my friend...

(I don't know why the Spice Girls were the first thing that came to mind when writing this. FYI: no-one has died).

Continuing with my life updates, I finished work on Friday, and it hit me a lot harder than I thought it would.

It was like being in a relationship of sorts for nearly four years: there were times when I thought "I've had enough" and could literally have murdered a few individuals, but the vast majority of it was really fun and a great learning experience.
When you think about it as well, for the most part of every year you are spending more time with your workmates than you do your family, friends or partner, and for me, as a very loyal person, having to move on is very difficult.

I know I would have had to find new employment at some point in my life (not to go into too much business talk, but I don't think the promotion/advancement prospects were very promising), but I think the fact I just made a snap decision and everything was wrapped up so quickly has made it harder for me to comprehend.

I was throughly spoiled on Friday.
We finished work early, went for a few pre-dinner drinks then had a 3 course meal at a local restaurant.
I was also given (a very genous amount of) money in a card, along with a beautiful bracelet with a Thomas Sabo charm attached (as a reminder of the business). I can't actually read the card without bursting into tears - i suppose it's quite ridiculous but I really will miss them all!

So now i've got a week 'off' (packing, going roud visiting friends/family and so on) before I actually move. And I'm not gonna lie: i'm crapping it. Everyone keeps asking if i'm excited, but at the moment i'm just too terrified to be excited. There's so many 'what-ifs' going round my head, and the home sickness has started already - even though I haven't even left yet. From what i've heard from other people this is a perfectly natural reaction, and i'll be fine in time.

Fingers crossed it works out.