Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Melanie's Shred progress (or lack thereof...)

(Image courtesy of WeHeartIt)

Well, I had promised you updates on my "30 Day Shred" progress, and for the first 4 weeks I was powering through, and had moved onto Level 2. Past couple of weeks: not so much.

Last week I did the workout 3 days out of 5, but cheated and went back to Level 1 (on a happier note I can do this Level now "with ease" which I was pleased about. AND I managed like 2 full press-ups!). This week I have not done any of it at all. Just had no motivation to get out my bed for some reason - I blame the clocks changing! I'm going to take the rest of the week "off" from exercise and try and catch up on some sleep, and hope to start afresh again next week!

Will keep you posted (literally, ha)...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

March 2011 Favourites

I've linked to my YouTube Video because my camera isn't working at the moment, and i'm feeling a bit pants today so quite frankly can't find the energy to write a full blogpost.

Hopefully be back to my blogging best tomorrow.

Melanie x
Monday, 28 March 2011

Garnier 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Roll-On Review

Good evening Ladies,

I'm always on a quest to look brighter, more awake (and alive - especially at work!), and so the latest product i've encountered to help me in my mission is this:

To  be honest i'm not not what the exact name of this product is as there is information overload on the front of the box, but for the moment i'm going for "2 in 1 tinted eye roll-on"!

A "sister" product of the original Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine eye roll-on (in the green tube), the original formula now comes with a tint and a UV filter, providing you with the option to not only "treat" under eye puffiness and bags, but to conceal dark circles at the same time.

What Garnier say: It is our 1st roll-on massage which combines a caring formula with natural ingredients and a long lasting tinted concealer as effective as make-up. The formula, along with the massaging ball, offers a complete solution to tired eyes and dark circles and bags.

I had always quite fancied trying this, but (being the tight-wad that I sometimes am!) I couldn't quite justify the RRP of £9.99 for 15ml, so when I saw it on special offer in (surprise, surprise) Tesco for £6.49 it quickly got put in the basket!

I have to say i'm really pleased with my purchase. I like the fact they have produced a tint for fairer skin tones along with three other shades (whereas the previous supposedly "universal" colour was a lot darker and not quite as adaptable), and when used it provides a really lovely illuminating effect, which I have to say is not too dissimilar to the famous YSL Touche Eclat. You literally need one roll of the roller ball under each eye (to go back and forth a few times would be too much!) to get a generous amount of coverage, and you can instantly feel a definite lifting and tightening of the skin and it feels really lovely and refreshing first thing in the morning.

First thing in the morning I apply my usual facial moisturiser and under eye moisturiser (currently Boots vitamin E), then my foundation and finally this tinted roll on for the concealing effect. It's just as long lasting as my previous MAC concealer I was using, and I reckon it will last a looooooong time because you only need to use a little at a time.

Thumbs up from me - it can't be the UK's number one eye treatment for nothing!

Melanie x
Sunday, 27 March 2011

Product Use-Ups - would I buy again?

It's me again,

I've noticed i've developed a large collection of products i've recently used up, and before I throw them out (or rather recycle - our area is being used as a guinea pig for a year for a new recycling scheme the council is trying out!), I thought I would go through each one quickly and decide whether I would consider purchasing the same item again.

1. Bourjois Biodetox Foundation, RRP £10.99 (for 30ml) from most highstreet/drugstore cosmetic stockists
I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this foundation (mostly hate). I purchased this back in December and initially reviewed it here. I felt rather let down by this as I know Bourjois (being manufactured by Chanel) have a really good reputation for their foundations, but I just wasn't impressed. It was powdery, easily transferable, and although I could eventually get it to work a bit better by buffing in with a stipple brush (and applying a lot of moisturiser beforehand), I was desperate to use it up! I do like the idea of it being organic though, and think other companies should follow this idea, but suffice to say I shall not be repurchasing!

2. Veet in-shower hair removal cream for sensitive skin, RRP £6.10 (for 150ml) from most highstreet/drugstore chemists, supermarkets etc
Now, not to put you off or anything, but I am a (unfortunate) girl of the pale-skinned-dark-haired variety, and hair removal is an ongoing battle for me (I will rejoice the day they make permant hair removal which is not only painless but not pricey!). I used to get my legs and bikini line waxed on a regular basis, but (in an effort to save money, as you may have noticed!) I bought an epilator for my legs, and have switched to hair removal creams for my bikini line. I actually prefer the cream to waxing on my bikini line: yes you have to do it on a weekly basis, but the regrowth is fine AND there's no pesky ingrown hairs. I am definitely going to repurchase this (look out for it in supermakets on special offer - Tesco currently have this half price), but if you are going to try it, please make sure and do a patch test - Sarah at SWalker Make-up unfortunately had a bad experience after Veet changed their formula (read here).

3. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara, RRP £8.19 from most highstreet/drugstore cosmetic stockists
As you can see this mascara was a well used one! I remember reading that this was Lollipop26's favourite mascara at one point, so of course (being the sheep I am!) I ran out to get it, and I have to say it is a really good, reliable, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin product for quite a reasonable price. I love the fact it has a good old proper bristle brush (I don't make much of the plastic "wands"!), and it has a really buildable formula. I would definitely go back to this, had I not wanted to test out a few others first!

4. Johnsons 3 in 1 make-up removing lotion _**Discontinued??** RRP £2.99 for 200ml
I've had a search about for this online, and I can't find it on the likes of the Boots or Superdrug website, only on places like Amazon, which makes me think this particular product might have either been renamed/repackaged  as something else, or replaced by other similar Johnson's products. It is a very simple effective formula, suitable for both on face and eyes, and for sensitive skin, and I probably would think about buying it again (if I see it instore) as it is ideal for those times when you just want a quick basic cleanse (i.e. in from a night out!)

5. Nivea Radiently Smooth Body Scrub, RRP £6.25 (for 150ml), available at most highstreet/drugstore chemists/supermarkets etc (although mine was received as part of a giftset at Christmas)
The usage directions for this scrub advise you to use it only twice a week, which made me think it must be really "hardcore" and grainy, but it's quite the opposite. Just like the illustation on the package, its more of a gel with little bubbles inside, and whilst it does leave skin quite smooth after, I could easily use this every day, and had to use so much product to get any exfoliating effect whatsoever that I literally used all 150mls in a week! Had this not been part of a giftset I would never have purchased it, and probably won't again as there are other exfoliators out there which do a far better job of actually exfoliating!

6. Boots Cocoa Butter & Mallow lotion, RRP £2.99 (for 300ml), available at Boots Chemists
I bought this some time ago in replacement of my beloved Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion, and I actually purchased it thinking it would smell like cocoa butter. It doesn't. This doesn't mean I don't like it however - the smell is actually quite sweet and summary, and very subtle. The product itself is very lightweight and sinks in really easily and does leave skin quite soft. I probably will repurchase this at some point, although I have a ton of other moisturisers to work through first!

7. Lancome Juicy Tubes Lipgloss, RRP £14.50 (for 15ml), available online and in most department stores
I actually got this as part of a limited edition set of three from TkMaxx for £16 ( I would NEVER pay £14.50 for a lipgloss on its own, unless it not only looked amazing but made the tea too or something...) and ened up selling the other two on Ebay. It's lasted me quite a while, and does give quite a nice subtle peachy shimmer, but my ELF conditioning gloss gives just as good an effect, and only for £3.50, therefore unless I find another giftset bargain, I won't repurchase!

8. Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser, RRP £3.99 (for 50ml), available at most highstreet/drugstore chemists and supermarkets
I used to use this a couple of years ago, and recently when I heard it was Kylie Minogue's cleanser of choice, I thought "oo I must try that again", and picked a jar up from Superdrug. However, I am quite aghast at the amount of product you get for your money. The jar is TINY. And fair enough £3.99 in the grand scheme of things is not that much, but when you think about how much product you use at a time (i'm always very generous with my cleansers), I got through this 50ml jar in no time. The lid is bigger than the jar! The product itself gives a lovely cooling effect on the skin, and it is excellent for a deep-down clean, especially if used with a muslin/face cloth for an exfoliating effect. However for younger skins it might be a bit too thick/greasy, and for this reason I probably won't use it again for a while. However if I do go for a cold-cream type cleanser i'll be buying the Boots version instead where you get more for your money!

I've also got a couple of other products waiting in the wings that are on their last legs, so i'll probably get another use-up post done in a couple of weeks.

Hope you found it helpful and speak soon!

Melanie x

NOTD - No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour - 105 Damson Dream

Happy Sunday Campers,

I am yet again trying to distract myself from spending money, and have so far today:
  • Updated my ipod with a gazillion songs
  • Cleared out my "friends" list on Facebook (believe it or not I now only have 69. But at least I can say I know every single one of them and chat to them on a regular basis!)
  • Painted my nails (as per the post!)
  • Tidied out my room and changed my bedcovers
  • Wrapped Ebay items
  • Watched CSI: NY episodes
  • Taken pictures for upcoming posts (then my camera packed in. again)
And I am also hoping to get some YouTubes videos filmed...I feel like a smoker trying to give up cigarettes - I am DESPERATE to go to my nearest Primark/Next outlook shop! Nevertheless I keep telling myself i'll feel better once I get my overdraft paid off (whenever that may be...!)

Anyhoo, back to the matter in hand. Damson Dream is an absolutely beautiful burgandy-red metallic colour, and looks really classic and chic on the nails. I love dark nails, but this is a more summary/wearable colour than black etc which can be a bit wintery.
No7 have some fab shades in their nail colour range and I plan on buying more to add to my collection (when the bank balance allows of course!).

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Melanie x
Saturday, 26 March 2011


Hello again,

thought i'd do another quick post before I go to bed of what I wore today - I successfully managed to not spend any money (and earned some on Ebay hurrah), so this was just an outfit I put on to go for an eye test and run to the supermarket for mum.
(I really do have to invest in a tripod - i've been balancing my camera on my bedside cabinet and it always produces photos when lean on the unflattering side! My legs are much longer in real life!!)

Cotton Blazer - £12 - Primark
T-shirt - birthday present - Zara
Scarf - £7 - River Island (i've since discovered that River Island often do the same accessories in both the women's and children's range - i'm thinking I should have got the child's version of this scarf to make it more Alexander McQueen-esque!)
Straight leg jeans - New Look (ancient!)
Ballet pumps - £7 - Tesco

Melanie x

Maybelline 24H Superstay Foundation

Hello again peeps, I am trying my utmost best to not go and spend money today, so I thought i'd try and get some blogposts done.
I've just recently finished Bourjois's Biodetox foundation, and had originally planned on buying some Revlon ColourStay, but after hearing of a few other blogger's positive experiences with this foundation (such as Kelanjo) I decided to try it out.

What Maybelline say:
SuperStay 24HR Makeup stays comfortable and looks naturally flawless all day. Micro-Flex formula provides 24-hour wear and No Transfer Withstands heat, sweat and humidity. Oil-free, dermatogolist tested, fragrance-free. Suitable for all skin types

Available at most cosmetic stockists for an RRP of £9.99, I got mine at Tesco (yes I am never out the place!) on special offer for £6.49.
For your money you get 30ml of product containing an SPF 19 (why 19?!) in a bottle that comes with a pump lid (always a good thing to help reduce bacteria spreading).

As with a lot of highstreet/drugstore make-up companies such as Maybelline or L'Oreal, the colour range of the foundations can be very limited - in this case there are 8 different shades available, from 005 Light Beige to 070 Cocoa (colour varieties can be viewed online at Boots here), but of course the price is fairly reasonable that if you can't find your ideal shade you could always buy a couple and mix them.
I went for the lightest shade, 005 Light Beige, which I would still say is still slightly too dark for those with very very light/porcelain skin.
Previously I have ALWAYS struggled to find a good foundation colour match for my skin, but i'm really pleased as this one is almost unnoticeable when it is blended in, and adds a lovely "peachy" healthy effect and lift to my skin (blended in on my arm below - they say that the inside of your forearm or your wrist, NOT the back of your hand, is the closest colour to your facial skin colour - random fact!)

Below is me at 8am minus any make-up (slightly scary I know!):
Notice the uneven skin tone, redness/discolouration around my nose, shininess to the skin, and the spots/markings on my chin.

Now here is me with the Superstay on (but no other make-up as yet):
I applied this with my fingers then buffed over with a stippling brush. As you can see my neck and facial colour match, my skin tone is a lot more even, and most, if not all, of the imperfections have been effectively masked.
The foundation is definitely more of a matte finish than a "glowy" effect one (but I use Clinique City Block underneath and this helps promote a bit more of a healthy finish), and I would say it is a medium coverage foundation, although could easily be built up for a heavier coverage if needed.

I think Maybelline, along with other highstreet/drugstore cosmetic companies, are trying to develop their own "stay-put" foundations to rival Estee Lauder's Double Wear range. Revlon at the moment are definitely in the lead with their Colour stay foundation, especially since developing the foundation to cater for more skin tones and types, making the foundation available for normal/dry or oily/combination skin.
Whilst I wouldn't say Maybelline Superstay 24H stays on for 24 hours (after a day at work it can start to show wear on my chin for example) it is definitely more long wearing than other highstreet foundations i've tried previously (especially the Biodetox - I didn't like it at all!), and can often survive my weekend mid-afternoon naps! It also helps my blusher last a bit longer too, so far (**touch wood**) it's not made me break out, and instead of creating a mask like some long-wearing foundations, it looks natural ("my skin but better" as the reviewer saying goes!).
Photos of me below are around 5:30pm when I got home from work - with and without the flash.

If like me you have recently used up your foundation and fancy trying something new, but don't want to break the bank, then I'd recommend this - especially whilst it's on special offer!

Do you have any products you'd recommend I try?

Melanie x
Friday, 25 March 2011


Happy Friday everyone!

Soooooooooo glad it's the weekend again - i've had quite enough of work this week thank you very much!
On Friday's we all tend to wear casual clothes to work, so today's outfit was quite dressed down in comparison to my usual weekday wear:
(Goodness I look grumpy here!)

I was lugging boxes of records about today, so I ditched my usual "comfy" item of choice (leggings) in favour of some more hard-wearing bootcut jeans from Dorothy Perkins (bargain in the sale - about £10), my trusty Clarks boots, and a cotton t-shirt and boyfriend blazer from Primark (£6 and £12 respectively).
I also added my favourite bag of the moment, my Mulberry for Target  Bayswater (used to death since Xmas):

Got any nice plans for the weekend?

Melanie x
Thursday, 24 March 2011

Interview with...HollyYM

(Image courtesy of WeHeartIt)

Good afternoon lovely people, i'm UBER excited because (other than the sun is properly shining for the first time in about 6 months) i've got a really good post for you today - a blog interview (covering make-up/skincare/haircare, style and, of course, blogging) with the fabulous Holly from the YM Beauty Blog.

Holly is one of the first bloggers I started following when I first got into reading blogs and watching YouTube channels, and I really like her friendly, concise way of writing/"presenting". A good source for reviews in particular, if you haven't checked our her blog/channel/twitter (all of which i'll link to at the end of the post), I really recommend you do.

So without further ado, please read on!

1. Blogging

- What inspired you to start your blog and YouTube channel?
I started blogging as part of my Internet Writing module at Uni, we had to create a blog. At that time about three years ago I had no idea what one was but then a friend of mine who is also make-up obsessed told me about Lollipop26writes so I checked it out and decided I would create YM, amy own journey through the world of cosmetics. After blogging for about a year I started my YT channel. I find YT easier in a way, it allows me to review more products much quicker, blogging can take hours which is why I can’t do as many posts as I’d like really.
- What would you like to achieve from your blog/channel?
Blogging has opened many doors for me, none that I had ever imagined when I started. Back then there weren’t many beauty bloggers now there are so many and companies are using this which is exciting for us bloggers. As an aspiring beauty journo blogging is a great way for me to get experience writing, be involved in the industry and have my say. I’ve already achieved a lot through blogging on a personal level but in the future I hope it helps me bag my dream job!! J
- What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their
own blog and/or channel?
Go for it!! One of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve had a complicated personal life for the past five years and if I hadn’t of had an outside hobby or outlet I would have gone nuts. It’s a great way to share your love of cosmetics, your opinions and make friends with a similar passion!
- (Other than your own of course) what blogs/channels do you recommend?
So so many great blogs out there now, I love Makeup Savvy, I heart Cosmetics, Glitterdollz7, Liparazzi. Bubblegarm, Mouldy Fruit, Tanya Burr and Kelanjo19 are my most read but I love many more.
- If you could choose one celebrity to guest edit your blog for a day
who would you choose and why?
Victoria Beckham for sure. I’m not really that into celebrities to be honest and don’t keep up to date with the gossip but I’ve always admired ‘Posh’. I think she has great style, I had admire her as a mother and aspiring business women. She looks great most of the time and I’d love to know her beauty tips and the products she uses as she has problem skin similar to mine.

2. Make-up/Skincare/Haircare

- Which celebrity do you think has the best overall make-up/hair style?
I’m loving Blake Lively at the moment, I love her style, hair and make-up.
- What one item could you not leave the house without?
Make-up item?? – Blotting powder for sure. Never ever go anywhere without a powder as my skin gets incredibly oily incredibly fast. I love Mac’s Blot Powder, YSL Mat and Radiant pressed powder and Clinique’s Invisible powder.

- Do you ever go out without make-up on?
Every single morning to take Lily to school. I am ever grateful for the invention of sunglasses!
- What would you say is the best Highstreet/drugstore line for each of the following, and do you recommend any products within in each category:
a. Make-up – Bourjois make great foundations and MaxFactor or Revlon for everything else.b. Haircare – I love James Brown shampoo/conditioners and Umberto Gianni styling products.c. Skincare – Really enjoying Roc at the moment and La Roche Posay.
- Any make-up/haircare/skincare tips? Double wash your hair with shampoo once a week, it will make so much difference to the look and feel.

3. Style

- How would you describe your style?
Classic but with a twist. I never follow trends I know my style and buy what suits me. I like to wear simple clothes but then express my style through accessories. I love wearing a plain black vest top and some great statement jewellery.

- Who's your biggest style influence/where do you draw inspiration from?
Nobody. I don’t copy other people or looks. I just like what I like.  I’m fussy when it comes to clothes, I only buy what I love. If I’m indecisive about an item I won’t buy just to buy like I do with cosmetics.

- Favourite place to shop?
Without a doubt I buy most of my clothes from H&M or Zara and Topshop/Gap for great jeans.

- Highstreet or designer?
Highstreet 100% for fashion and designer all the way for accessories. I strongly believe that it’s worth spending that little bit more and investing in well made accessories as you can wear these every day with anything unlike clothes.

- Best fashion buy?
A great handbag or sunglasses. They will last years and if you buy classic they will never go out of style and will go with everything.

- What would you consider wardrobe essentials?
A great fitting pair of skinny jeans, long vest tops and shoeboots.

- Fashion "do's and don'ts"?
Don’t wear short tops with leggings, actually not a fan of leggings in general.
Do own a pair of dark wash jeans, so flattering.
Don’t follow trends just to be ‘in’ wear what suits you.
Do buy great jewellery , you can be wearing the simplest outfit but jewellery can make something bland look amazing.

So there we have it, some words of style wisdom from the lovely Holly! I find these kind of things give a better insight into the person behind the blog, and I really appreciate the time/effort Holly took to doing it for me.
As well as her blog (linked to above), she also has a YouTube and a Twitter account:  @HollyYM
Thanks as always for reading :)

Melanie x
Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Night-time Cleansing Routine - step by step!

Hello lovelies,

I don't know what's possessed me, but i've decided to make a blog post AND video of my night-time cleansing route, AS I DO IT, so you can see me in all my no-makeup glory (turn away if you're of a weak disposition har har).

This is me before make-up removal....

First things first, the vital tools...
  • Cotton wool (preferably pads, mine are of the sealed-edge variety from Poundland!)
  • Muslin cloths or face cloth
  • Eye make-up remover - in my case i'm using olive oil from the supermarket!
  • Cleanser - i'm using No7 Age Defense Cleansing Balm - review to come!
  • Toner - Mine is Boots Botanics toner
  • Eye moisturiser - i'm using Boots Vitamin E
  • Facial moisturiser - i've got some Ponds moisturiser (nothing special!)
  • And a hair bobble and hair band if you've got long hair like me
So, Step one - I usually take my eye make up off first to save smearing it all over my face later. I've started using a method picked up from Lisa Eldridge whereby you take a cotton pad, cut/tear it into 2 halves, soak in your make-up remover, then place under your eye area...!

This helps protect your delicate eye area, where i've started noticing fine lines (I think harsh scrubbing with wipes are to blame).

Step Two - Soak two more cotton pads in your make-up remover, then place over each eye, preferably for 10-20 seconds. This helps effectively loosen up your mascara, eyeliner, even falsh-eyelash glue, and allows you to simply "slide" it off rather than scrubbing at your eyes.  
("Aye aye captain!")
After the 10-20 seconds start gently patting your eye under the pad, then slide the pads off. You should now have a lovely clean eye area, like so ("naked" eye on right, made-up eye on left):

If you have any make-up residue left over, simply dab/pat at the area with your pad and remover, and very gently wipe round and this should sort the problem!

Step three - Cleanser. I do the "double cleanse", whereby the first one is simply to remove make-up, and the second is a proper deep cleanse of your skin.
Now,  for my first cleanse I massage it in, then soak a muslin/face cloth in hand-hot water, place it over my face (and let the steam get to work in my pores) then gently work round my face, which not only helps remove make-up but acts as a gentle exfoliant. Of course you could always just wipe the cleanser off with cotton wool, its your choice (and depends on the cleanser).
For the second cleanse I apply more cleanser and spend a bit more time working it into my face and neck. Then I simply wipe off with cotton pads.

Step Four - I use a toner to ensure I have removed all traces of cleanser and to tighten up my pores after being opened from the hot water (insert very cheesy pic here!).

Step five - apply eye and facial moisturiser.

And...voila! Lovely clean skin ready for bed!

It looks like a lot of steps, but it takes about 5 minutes, and I like knowing my face is squeaky clean!
Obviously my morning routine is far less extensive. I wash my face with water, use some Nivea daily facial scrub, sometimes tone, then apply my daily moisturiser (followed by Clinique City Defense).

Care to share your cleansing routine?

Melanie x

P.S. Here's the video I made, which is basically the exact same thing but you can see it in action!!
Thursday, 17 March 2011

Review: Maybelline Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H

(phew what a title!)
So following on from the reviews of the other day, i've got another eyeliner for you, this time a gel one: Maybelline Studio Gel Eyeliner (I condensed the full name down a bit!)

This gel eyeliner is one of the new "studio" products from Maybelline which were recently launched, along with the Eye Studio Quads, Eye Studio Mono Eyeshadows, and the Colossal One-By-One Mascara (which I am still debating about purchasing).

What Maybelline say:
Oil-free formula holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base
Smudge-proof and waterwproof for 24 hours
Most intense line for lasting drama                                                    
Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested
Contact lens safe
This was my first foray into gel eyeliners (having previously been using Barry M's liquid liner and the L'Oreal carbon gloss), and i'd heard quite good things about this one (on Blogs and YouTube of course!) so when I saw it on special offer in my local Tesco it quickly got put in the basket. I had originally wanted to try the No7 gel eyeliner from the Limited Edition Spring Collection and the E.L.F gel eyeliner, but the former is always sold out in Boots and i've heard the latter can be a bit dry and difficult to put on, so the Maybelline eyeliner it was!
For an RRP of £7.99, in the box you get the little pot of gel eyeliner (very similar to Bobby Brown/MAC gel liners) and a small eyeliner brush to apply it with:
Now as far as i'm aware only shade 950, Blackest Black, is available in the UK right now, but on the Maybelline Website they list 3 other colours: Brown, Charcoal (dark grey), and Eggplant (kind of purple).
The black is a true, intense black and very pigmented.

Using the little brush (of course you could use your own) the gel eyeliner applies like a dream: really smooth and quick/easy to apply.
Referring to the pictures below, the first is the eyeliner first applied at 8am, and the second is at 5pm after i'd come home from work.

As you can see from the second picture the eyeliner has hardly moved, and still looks almost as intense as it did on the initial application. I've heard some people complaining that it rubs off onto the upper eyelid, and given that I have hooded eyelids I would have expected this to happen to me, but happily it didn't! I think using an eyeshadow primer (I used Mac Prep and Prime) really helps its staying power, so i'd recommend that if you have oily lids. It does have excellent staying power, but its really easy to remove, and obviously if you rub/touch your eyes it will smudge. There have also been comments made about the brush (i.e. it hardens up and is difficult to clean) but so far i've had no problems and have continued to use it daily. I know that gel eyeliners can also have a reputation for drying out, but as i've only had this for a short while i'm going to keep an eye on it and report back later.
Overall however i'd definitely recommend this - it's helped make eyelining easy for even someone like me!
Have you tried it?