Sunday, 17 March 2013

If you live to 100, I want to live to 100 minus a day so I never have to live without you.


Ok, a bit of a tedious link there, but it's  one of my favourite quotes (from Winnie the Pooh no less!), and talks about '100', which is now the number of lovely followers I now have on my little blog! (or rather, it was 100 at the time of me drafting this - it's now 102 woohoo!)

Now, I don't want to seem like one of 'those' bloggers that feels the need to bribe their followers with constant giveaways, but would rather like to do a wee thank you present for my existing followers to say, well, thank you, for choosing to read and follow my blog - it really does mean a lot.

The 'prize' is a box (as you'll see) of 20 Lauren's Way Dream Rollers (her version of the infamous Sleep Rollers) - soft-centred hair rollers that you can sleep in (should you choose to). I've got my own box of these and quite like them - I will get round to reviewing them at some point I promise!

Should you fancy being in the running for these, please just leave me a wee comment if you are a subscriber - if you leave a comment (about anything you like - it could simply be hello!) I shall put you in the hat to be chosen. Simple!
The giveaway shall be open for a week and so will close on Sunday, 24th of March at 9pm. I will then get an independent adjudicator (i.e. my Mum, Dad, Lee or!) to pick the winner.


  1. Congratulations on making it to 100 followers! That's awesome :) Lovely prize too (although I'm only commenting to say well done and not for the prize...I have such short hair that it seems a little silly to take away from someone else winning!) xxx

    1. Thank you very much :) (i'm hoping that other people comment or you might end up getting them - i'll send you hair extensions too haha) x x x

    2. Just saw this and it made me laugh lots! Would've been fab to try hair extensions too! lol! Think they would've been super noticable on the shaved half of my head though ;) xxx

  2. Well done on reaching 100 followers :) Great giveaway - would love to see your review on these!xx

  3. Hi Melanie! :) I'm your newest follwer, Catriona Louise, I found your blogs' button on Beths blog ( and well here I am haha :p Just wanted to say that I love your blog logo and colour scheme - the name is super cute and more original than others I've seen around :) Congratulations on 103 subs!! :D

    Cat xo

    ps: this is not an entry, these rollers look lovely, but seeing as I just got here and it's a thank you giveaway I think an enter from me would count as cheating :p

  4. Well done on reaching 100 followers lovely, you deserve it! xxx

  5. I love that quote, Winnie the Pooh was a super wise bear! x

  6. I love that quote ! congrats on the followers :) and hello!

  7. Hello :) lol.. Lovely giveaway and congratulations on reaching your first big milestone :) xx