Monday, 13 May 2013

Recent Favourites

I haven't written a 'favourites' post in some time, largely because I didn't want to put up a monthly post just for the sake of it, where the things I mentioned I didn't particularly like or hadn't used for any great length of time.

Therefore, the (admittedly somewhat random) items in this post are those that I genuinely like and have been using/reading/watching...

  • Silicon oven glove - my version of the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove, this cost me less than £3 from Ebay, compared to the $39 that Sigma are asking for theirs! Despite not having the different ridged 'areas' that the Sigma glove has, this definitely does the job in making brush cleaning quicker and more efficient - not to mention saving my hands from turning into a pruney mess!
  • Quinoa - in a bid to eat more healthily, I have been eating this instead of bread/pasta/rice as it is pure protein, rather than a carbohydrate. When cooked it's not too dissimilar to rice (and as such needs some sort of sauce or seasoning to give it flavour) and i'm really enjoying it.
  • The Night Circus - one of the most magical books I have ever read. I'm only halfway through it so far, but, as the saying goes, it's all about the journey rather than the destination, and i'm loving it so far!
  • The Body Shop Camomile eye makeup remover - a product I am going to review very soon, I have really been loving this - mild on the eyes yet ultra-effective, what else could you ask for?!
  • Dr Bronner's Peppermint Liquid Soap - I have been using this in place of shower gel, as I have psoriasis and am trying to avoid any unnecesscary chemicals on my skin. I was really surprised how well this soaps up without the 'usual' foaming agents, and I only need to use a little at time. It's multipurpose too.
  • Rose Water - Again to go back to using natural products on my skin, I have been using this as a skin 'refresher' every morning before moisturiser. It adds just the right amount of moisture to my skin and 'cleans' it more than just splashing water on it would.
  • George Shimmer Me! Shimmer Brick - I 'shopped my stash' for this one, and right now I can't think why I ever put it away! You can read my original full review here, but in a nutshell it is a very obvious dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, but is actually nicer in my opinion! It just adds the most beautiful peachy glow to my skin without big chunks of glitter - and it only costs about £6!
  • 'Extreme Couponing' on TLC - There are no words. If you have access to the TLC channel (on Sky etc), then get it watched. These people manage to get supermarket shops worth hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars down to pennies using coupons. It's simply unbelievable and i'm addicted now!
  • Le Floof TV - The ultimate vlog channel on YouTube without a doubt - many of you (if not most) will know of Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly and their gorgeous little baby Emila (as well as their 6 maltese dogs!). They upload vlogs every single day at 6pm (GMT) which are genuinely funny, and I can't say i've been watching anyone else as much recently!


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