Saturday, 15 October 2011

Review: George ShimmerMe!

A few years ago I never would have thought to look in Supermarkets for my make-up, but nowadays Supermarkets have really stepped up their game and are producing some really fantastic own-brand beauty products - and George at Asda is no exception.

Ever since I used up my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (and could never justify the expense of buying another one), i've constantly been on the hunt for a good quality yet inexpensive dupe, and believe I may well have found it in the George Shimmer Me! Shimmering Brush-On Powder; a snip at £4.50.

This gorgeous little number is actually quite similar to the BB Shimmer Brick in terms of size and sturdy packaging (except the lid is clear, whereas the BB Break is black all over).

There are currently 6 shades in the Shimmer Me! range at the moment, ranging from pinky/peaches, to more bronzed colours and shades - although I find bronzers can make my (very) pale skin rather 'muddy' looking, so I opted for the fabulous No.4 Heaven Sent shade.

The little description on the back suggests the individual shades can be used as a brow highlight or eyeshadows, or swirled together with a blush brush for an all-over glow/pop of colour on the cheekbones, which is how i've been using it.

The product is beautifully pigmented, and gives a really lovely effect with good staying power.

I salute George at Asda for this product, and thoroughly recommend it as an excellent BB dupe!

Melanie x


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