Monday, 3 October 2011

September 2011 Favourites

For the eagle eyed of you out there, you might have noticed there was no August favourites from Her Royal Highstreet, partly because I didn't know if the products I was going to mention were really my favourites, but largely because I was in the midst of trying out loads of different products and wanted to try/review them first before deciding if they are a favourite!

But that was last month, so onto September favourites!

Palmers Cocoa Butter
Ah the old classic, and one which has no doubt featured in my monthly favourites before. With the colder days (unless you're in England with the October heat wave!!) creeping in, this lovely thick moisturiser is perfect for slathering on your limbs and makes you good enough to eat!
It's also really inexpensive (this 400ml bottle cost around £4) and is not tested on animals which is another plus point.

Bourjois Volumizer
I've actually got a review for this in the pipeline, so don't want to speak too much about it, other than it's one of the new, fangled two-step mascaras which give you uber-fluttery volumized lashes - love!

Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleansing Solution
Again, another product that i'm in the midst of writing a review for.
You'll have heard me mention this product in my Garnier Simply Essentials Make-up Remover review, and it is very similar to this in terms of being a make-up removing solution that is gentle yet effective, but dissimilar in the size (500ml) and price (around £14).

Badger Balm Cuticle Care
Out of all the items mentioned here, this is probably my favourite, as you might have guessed from my recent rave review!
It's named as cuticle care, but i've been using it as a great little multi-purpose product: on lips, cuts/abrasions, spots, etc, and have compared it to Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream - but all the ingredients are natural, and the price is a snip at around £4.

Gucci Guilty for Men and Thierry Muglar Angel EDP
The above i've mentioned as favourites just because i'm OBSESSED with the smell!
I'm afraid i'm not any good at describing the various scent combinations that go into these fragrnces, so all I can say is if you're ever in Boots or Duty Free and you've never smelled these before, have a sniff and you'll fall in love!
I also think the Gucci Guilty could be worn by women as a sort of unisex scent, as it's not over powering or very 'male.'

Ecotools 6 Piece Eye Brush set
Another product i've recently reviewed, I love these little brushes as they're excellent value for money, are really good quality and are eco friendly.

Get the Job You Really Want by James Caan
I'm not necessarily looking for a new job at the moment, but it's always good to keep your options open, and this has really opened my eyes to the various stages of looking, applying for and getting a job, with really good, helpful, easy to understand advise which is split out into clear chapters.
I thoroughly recommend it for any job seekers out there.

Calorie Counter App by FatSecret - Free on Blackberry (and I presume iPhone?)
This is an excellent app that i'm really glad I discovered. I've been trying to eat a lot more healthier, and when you first open the app, you can programme in what your goal is - in my case slight weight loss - and it works out your own recommend daily intake (or RDI) of calories (mine is 1700 in comparison to the 2000 guideline for women).
You can then track what you eat through the food diary and diet calandar (it recognises thousands of British foods, restaurants/chains and popular brands) as well as the exercise diary and weight tracker.
I'm really impressed that it's free too!

Favourite blogger of the month: Laura at Buy Now, Blog Later

Favourite YouTuber: Karris at Karrisx

i'd love to hear your favourites this month, whatever they are!



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