Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Heart's Desire

Sometimes the prettiest of things can be found in the unlikliest of places... this case - Primark!

This was a checkout-queue purchase, which I actually grabbed thinking it would be a highlight, but it's actually a really girly soft pink blush with a hint of shimmer in it that looks really pretty blended out over cheekbones.
It's quite sheer, so there's no danger of very obvious dark blusher if you happen to go in heavy-handed the first time, and is very buildable.
I also LOVE the fact the little blusher 'balls' are shaped like teeny tiny love hearts!

They were originally around £2.50, but have been marked down to a pound, which makes me think they might be discontinued, so next time i'm in Primarni i'm grabbing a few more - they've make fabby little stocking fillers too :)

Melanie x


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