Saturday, 10 December 2011

Review: ELF Dramatic Lash Kit

I am so hungover today. And in an attempt to make myself feel better (other than stuffing myself with junk food) I decided to go for all-out glam and put on some falsies:
I'd got these in my ELF haul a little while back for a bargain £1.50 (well actually 75p since it was the 50% off event), and never really got round to trying them out (putting on false eyelashes is a rather footery, time-consuming task for me), but since I had all the time in the world this morning, I thought i'd give these a bash.

(Please excuse the fuzzy photos. Like I say, I was hungover and slightly shaky in the hand. You get the jist.)

For being the 'dramatic' version on offer by ELF, I really like these for providing a really pretty, wide-awake look without being very obvious. I was really chuffed that even my Mum didn't notice them as fake eyelashes, and she hates eyelashes of the faux variety!

I put them on using DUO lash glue (wasn't even going to attempt using the glue that comes with them), and so far they've lasted all day without attempting to escape and crawl down my face*touch wood*.

I think I might make the effort to wear falsies more often - even if it is to make myself better through a self-inflicted hangover!

What lashes do you recommend?

Melanie x


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