Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover

Evening all, first of all apologies for the recent drought in blog posts.
It's not that i'm lacking in post ideas (I literally have tons to come), but it's just time that seems to be against me - I feel like i'm literally doing my 'monthly favourites' post, and before you know it, it's time to do the next month's faves all over again!
However I'm determined to make the time for my blog/YT channel, as it's something I genuinely do enjoy.

Anyway, i'm back with a review today.
I'm not a fancy nail-artist or alike, but I do like having neat and tidy nails, and literally for the past few years i've been going to get them professionally done by the lovely Lee-Anne.

However she unfortunately has taken seriously ill (get well soon!) and has had to obviously cease carrying out her nail magic, and therefore (out of loyalty/laziness/need to save cash) I have been let loose on my own talons.
Generally I would not find this a problem (I'm rather nifty with a nail file and buffer), but it's the cuticles that get me every time. I have cuticles that keep growing back really quite far over my nails (my middle finger nail in the picture below is a prime example) and they take quite a lot of work to keep in check.
 I'm quite particular with my finger/toe nails (ESPECIALLY toe nails) in the sense that the thought of anything happening to them (i.e. heaven forbid, getting torn off) gives me the serious heebie jeebies, and even Lee-Anne clipping/trimming my cuticles makes me wince - therefore me trying to maintentain my cuticles myself by trimming them is totally out the question!

Enter stage left Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover:
The box blurb describes it as:
  • Fast-acting Formula with moisturising Jojoba extract, antioxidant Kiwi extract and nourishing Wheat Protein.

  • Deeply conditions delicate cuticle skin and loosens excess cuticles

  • Reveals a clean surface to apply varnish

  • I had actually been searching for the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, but for some reason is only available in America, and from what i've heard is rather industrial in strength (apparently it can even be used on calluses...!), therefore when I happened across this (what I presumed was) similar cuticle remover gel in Superdrug for around five pounds, I thought i'd give it a go!

    The instructions on the box state:
  • Apply a thin strip around your cuticle and wait for 1-2 minutes (Do not exceed 8-10 minutes)

  • Using the flat end of the pusher tip, gently loosen and push back the cuticle

  • Remove residue with warm soapy water

  • Now i've used this product several times since I purchased it, and at first I was very good and strictly adhered to the instructions, removing it after about 3 mins but to no avail/effect. Since then i've actually been a bit of a daredevil (ha), leaving it on for about 10 minutes (the scandal), and although when I first remove the product I do initially think that my nails look neater and tidier, it becomes apparent that my cuticles haven't actually changed at all!

    I'm rather disappointed in this product's performance, especially given that it's sister product (the American 'instant' cuticle remover) gets such rave reviews. I know that other people (such as Viviana) really like it, so maybe it's just my stubborn cuticles and i'll have to get them professionally tended to!

    Have you tried this? And more importantly, do you have any tips to help me and my cuticles?!

    Melanie x

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    1. such a shame it didnt work. fortunately my cuticles arent too bad. just my nails that are a mess!! haha xx