Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More finished products - would I buy again?

(Goodness, I really don't like this new Blogger layout - i've been away too long!)

If you subscribe to me on YouTube and have seen my latest vlog, you'll know i'm struggling with the big move down south, and as a result my blogging has suffered (I'm currently illicitly writing this on my work computer) - but this is my attempt at getting back into it!

So in the meantime of me moving and last doing one of these posts, I have accumulated quite a few empty products. I actually find it quite amusing that these type of posts/YouTube videos have become quite popular of late, as it's something that I had been doing for ages!

E.L.F. 2 in 1 Conditioning Lipgloss - I am a bit of a lipgloss junkie (although more of a lipstick one nowadays) and do get through them at quite a rate, but this one lasted me quite a long time - the fact that it's in a squeezy tube and thick in consistency probably contributes to this. The fairly thick consistency helps this last on your lips, and is smooth and comfortable to wear - it doesn't dry your lips out. Would I buy again? Yes, I would. I like most E.L.F. products generally, and at £3.50 with a really wide range of shades available you can't go wrong!

Naked 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner - I have been making a marked effort to buy from companies that use natural/organic (where possible) ingredients in their products, and who don't test on animals, and Naked tick both these boxes - and they're really affordable (around £3.99 for a 250ml bottle). I've tried a couple of products both from their skincare (review to come - hopefully!) and haircare ranges, and really like them. This particular product is a fairly straightforward, 'simple' one - does the job, smells fresh and lathers really well, despite being free from SLS's and other chemicals usually added to shampoos to foam them up. Would I buy again? Yes, particularly to take on holiday when space is an issue. However i'm struggling to find this particular type - it appears the 'detox' type is now only available as a shampoo and seperate conditioner, therefore the link i've provided is for the children's version!

Boots Botanics Eye Makeup Remover - i've featured this before on one of these posts, as i'm now onto my 3rd bottle of the stuff. I also did a review on it here. So far i've found it to be the most effective of all eye makeup removers i've used (and believe me, i've tried a lot), and always try to pick bottles up when they're on special offer. Would I buy again? Yes - cheap, effective (literally dissolves eyemakeup really easily) and doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

Lacura Q10 Day Cream (from Aldi stores) - Aldi have gained quite a (good) reputation for developing really inexpensive products which use the same ingredients as more highend products, and are frequently raved about and featured in glossy magazines. This particular little pot which contains the miracle ingredient of Q10 costs literally less than £2 and is an excellent dupe for the Nivea Q10 cream. It's a really nice, lightweight day cream that sinks in quickly - perfect before applying makeup. Would I buy again? Yes - Aldi have become my go-to place when I need to grab a really inexpensive, unoffensive face cream, and i've really been impressed with their ever-expanding range of facial products.

Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks mascara - one of many mascaras I had on the go at once (bad I know), this mascara came to an untimely end only because the middle part popped off (see pic above) and it dried out! I wouldn't say I noticed a dramatic difference in the different 'steps', but it is quite a dark black which I always like in a mascara. Would I buy again? Probably not. It didn't wow me!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter - I did wonder whether or not to include this, as I go through tons of it! What can I say, it's amazing and I love it: cheap, easily accessible, not tested on animals, thick and luxurious, smells AMAZING and keeps skin soft. Love! Would I buy again? Do you even have to ask?

What have you finished recently that you would/wouldn't buy again?
Melanie x


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