Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Review: Carino (Aldi) Miracle Oil

As I may have mentioned before, generally I am pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my hair - shampoo, condition and blast it dry with the hair dryer (and occasionally tong or put hot rollers in if I can be bothered with the hassle!).

I don't generally use any hair product (other than shampoo and conditioner), largely because i've had too many bad experiences of products which have made my hair greasy, weighed it down, and so on (and i'm a bit lazy).
But really, when you consider my hair type (naturally curly and rather dry/frizzy), I of all people should be taking extra special care of my hair to make it feel/look a bit better.

I like the idea of the hair oils that have become so popular of late, as they are a bit of a multi-purpose product:
overnight leave-in deep conditioner
heat protectant
smoothing product (on dry hair)

The vast majority of hair oils (especially those containing argan oil) can be rather pricey, but I managed to pick up this (glass) bottle from Carino (from Aldi) for only £3.99 for 50ml.

Originally featured as one of Aldi's 'Special Buys' (a limited edition of sorts) in March, the demand for this hair oil was so high that they re-realised it in September (and as far as i'm aware it is still available).

Admittedly I've never tried any other hair oils therefore can't compare it to anything else, but as my first foray into hair oils I really like it.

I wouldn't use it as a leave-in product (i.e. overnight) after having a rather traumatic experience with some coconut oil (less is definitely more with hair oils people!), but I do like using it on damp hair before blow-drying, and definitely think it helps make my hair smoother and softer - I really notice a difference when I don't use it.

Have you tried this? Or do you have any hair oil products you would recommend?

Melanie x

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  1. Aldi has some great finds in their cosmetic section. I really like their face creams too ! Have you tried them ?

    I didn't know they were doing a hair oil i will def be picking this up on my next trip in :)