Friday, 26 April 2013

Happy birthday to me

Last week I turned 25. I didn't even want to celebrate my birthday as I was (and stil am!) in denial about turning a quarter of a century old, but I actually ended up having a really lovely day, and was completely spoiled, as you'll see!

Lee, Mum, Dad and I went to Deep Sea World in North Queensferry, which I totally recommend if you haven't been, as it's incredibly fascinating.
Mini Roll 'cake' (the only sponge I like!) made by Lee

Forth Road Bridge

Photo bombed!

My Dad looks so grumpy here. He was trying to do a slow-mo walk. As you do.

Gorgeous wee seals - really recommend going to watch their feeding time, they're so funny!

Lizard. Cause you find them in the Deep Sea. Obviously.
Shrimp dude. Or dudette.

I am in LOVE with seahorses. I could watch them forever.

Dogfish. Kinda want to give them a wee cuddle.
Eek piranhas!

I was also very fortunate to receive some really lovely pressies...

My 'little' sister Nicola and I share a love for Cath Kidson, so I was very excited when she bought me these gorgeous folders, penny purse and dinky little tape measure! She also knows how much I love notepads, so she got me these two beautiful books.

Excuse the wrinkles!

I've ended up with quite a few new tops, courtesy of Primark and my Mum! I particularly love the mint green top with collar detailing.

I'd like to introduce you to my new baby. I spotted this Italian-made, Mulberry-esque number in TKMaxx a couple of months ago, but couldn't justify the price tag. Fast forward to a week before my birthday and I came across it again, and Lee offered to buy it for me. Fate eh?! It reminds me of tree bark but I still love it.

You can't beat a pair of Primark pumps. I love the black, silver and rose gold sparkles on these.

Beauty bits! My mum said she bought me the eye cream (not just because i'm getting old) because it 'wasn't tested' on animals, bless her! / I can't wait to try the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover. It's the 'hardcore' version that only seems to be available in America (I think this one was bought from TKMaxx). / FCUK Body scrub - this smells yummy, with one of the main ingredients being strawberries. / Revlon 'scented' nailpolishes - the scent factor is a bit gimicky, but I love these bright colours.

Of course a birthday wouldn't be a birthday without some sweeties, or a good DVD. I saw The Hobbit when it first came out at the cinema and really loved it (I also love the LOTR series), so was really excited to add this to my collection!

So what do you think - aren't I a lucky girl?


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