Sunday, 1 September 2013

Favourites: August 2013

In a departure from the monthly stalwart that is the Empties post (don't worry, it's coming tomorrow..!), I've decided to write a quick post on the products i've been liking not only just this month, but for the past wee while.

The Body Shop Chocomania Beautifying Oil - this is described as a 'dry oil' for body, face and hair, and whilst I don't particularly like it for either my face or hair, I LOVE it for my body: it smells amazing (like Palmers Cocoa Butter but more intense!), and even though it is an oil, I can get dressed almost immediately after applying it and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. 

NSpa Deep Hydrating Facial Oil - I have tried several NSpa products, but so far this is definitely my favourite. This feels like a 'different' kind of oil to The Body Shop oil above (as far as oils go!): a blend of (amongst  other things) vitamins A, D and E, rosehip oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil which deeply hydrate and help replenish the skin. I have been using it both in the morning at night (making sure I give it plenty of time to soak in before I apply my makeup first thing!) and I love how moisturised and 'glowy' it has made my skin feel.

Homemade cleansing balm! - as you may have guessed so far, I am all about the oils these days, and this cleansing balm is my homemade mix of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and a few other beautiful ingredients such as Vitamin E and jojoba oil. I simply scoop out a small amount and spend a good few minutes massaging it into my face whilst the oils melt and get to work, before using a warm hand cloth to remove it. Love it!

FCUK Sugarscrub - body scrubs aren't something I normally get excited about, but this partcular one is more like a scrubby moisturiser: the base ingredient is Shea butter, and it is enriched with sweet almond and jojoba oils, so when you shower it off you are left with a layer of moisturising oil on your skin - I often go without moisturing afterwards after using this scrub. It also smells amazing thanks to the Extract of Wild Strawberry that is included - sweet without being sickly.

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner - Talking of scents, if you don't like bananas I would give this conditioner a wide berth as it smells very strongly of foam banana sweets! As it contains SLS I would normally avoid this, but as it's a conditioner I figured it's ok as it isn't going on my scalp, and i'm loving it so far: it really does help detangle and soften my hair.

Clinque Chubby Stick in Woppin' Watermelon - Normally I wouldn't buy/use Clinque products as they aren't Cruelty Free, but I was given them as a present last year and have decided to use them - I am not one to waste products! There was 3 in the set but this is my favourite - a lovely almost baby pink that is really subtle and flattering. The formula is a tad drying, but I put lipbalm underneath and over the top to combat this.

MUA Lipstick in 14. Bare  and Lipgloss in Can't Stop - At last, i've found the perfect nude lip combo for my lips! My lips are naturally quite pigmented, so often popular nude shades of lipstick, such as Gosh Darling for example, are just that bit too pale/chalkyish on my lips, but this is just right, and the gloss adds the perfect finishing touch - and they only cost a pound each!

Bare Minerals Prime Time Brightening Eye Primer -  This remained somewhat unloved at the back of my eyeshadow stash for sometime - did I really need another eyelid primer?! - but i'm so glad I tried it out, as it is absolutely beautiful and now a firm favourite in my everyday makeup routine. I use this as  a shadow colour itself, then work different eyeshadow around it into my crease and on the outer corner of my eye, and it really does brighten my eyes. It lasts really well too.

What have you been loving recently?


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