Monday, 2 September 2013

Product Empties: August 2013

I told you it would be up today!
Following on from my favourites of last month, here's what I have used up, conveniently in groups of two in each 'category'!

Lynx Attract Shower Gel - This was actual just a use-up for the sake of using up - I didn't like the smell much, and sadly I didn't find any fit men throwing themselves at me...

Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel - This on the other hand, I (and Lee!) love. Although it's raspberry-based this shower gel smells distinctly of strawberry milkshake, and is the ideal skin treat first thing - I also like that it is vegan.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Lotion - This has to be my favourite, favourite, favourite body lotion, and I was so glad to use it again after the tons of baby lotion I had to get through! However as much as I love the scent and how soft it makes my skin feel, I was recently looking at the ingredients on the back and it is packed with chemical nasties - something which I am trying to avoid to ease my psoriasis.

Steam Cream - my lovely Mum bought me this ("it's not tested on animals!") and I was excited to try it after hearing so many good things about it - not to mention the incredibly cute tin! It is marketed as a face, hand or body lotion, and I had used it up largely as a body lotion as I found it just wasn't 'right' for my skin. Saying that, it is lovely and light in texture and smells really fresh, so could easily suit other skins. 

Aldi Lacura Cotton Wool Pads - 200 pads for less than a pound. Amazing quality. Say no more!

Superdrug Oval Cotton Wool Pads - I bought these to use all over my face, in the hope I wouldn't go through as many smaller ones. They did the job, and are quite reasonably priced in comparison to the likes of Boots. 

NSpa Ultimate Cleansing Tonic - It's a funny one this (and yes it was a product I meant to review but never got round to it *slap my wrist*): one of those half-and-half liquids that you shake to mix up. I had such high hopes that it would be a Bioderma replacement, but I ended up just using it as an eye makeup remover as it felt like I was literally putting eye makeup remover all over my face if I tried to use it as an all-over makeup remover (kind of oily/sticky-ish, if you get my gist). I feel like I need to buy another bottle and try it again to form a proper opinion on it!

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser - I bought this after Miss Budget Budget said she found it was very effective as a renewing facemask (rather than a cleanser) and I agree. As a cleanser it wasn't very deep cleansing or thorough at removing makeup/daily grime, but I liked applying it on my clean face and leaving it for 15 mins or so to get to work, and it definitely left skin brighter (if a tad sensitive) thanks to the fruit acids it contains. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?

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  1. That original source shower gel is my favourite shower product ever x