Sunday, 8 May 2011

Matalan Haul

(Get me, splashing the cash this weekend!)
I realise I am meant to be trying to save some money at the mo, but considering I got a gigantic bag full of stuff yesterday at Primark for around £60, and a fair few bits today in the half-price sale at Matalan, I don't feel so guilty!

Matalan has definitely had a revamp in the last few years, and is becoming more accessible/appealing to the younger market - I used to think it was a bit mumsy!
They've introduced fresher, funkier ranges such as Be Beau and they offer some really lovely items at very reasonable prices.

Sandals - £8.00

Wide leg trousers (no they're not jammies!) - £10.00 (down from £20.00)

(Close-up of trouser print)

Boot cut trousers - both £8.00 (down from £16.00)

Cotton dress - £9.00 (down from £16.00)

Fitted shirt - £8.00

Necklace - £4.00 (down from £7.00)

Necklace - £4.00 (down from £7.00)

And this one I didn't get from Matalan, but couldn't resist as it was on offer...
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1) - £10.00 Asda

Melanie x


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