Thursday, 21 June 2012

Review: Birds and Blossoms Ribbon Bookmark

Good afternoon mes amis, hope you are well - I have missed the blogosphere!

I have been really looking forward to writing this particular review, largely because it is something different from my 'norm' (i.e. beauty product views and the like), but also because it's something right up my street!

As you may well know (I think i've mentioned on here a few times), I am a Kindle owner, but I have stacks of books bought way before the Kindle era that I still like to go back and revisit every now and then, such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the His Dark Materials series, therefore I was very excited when I was given the chance to review a beautiful handmade ribbon bookmark by Zoe from Birds and Blossoms - you may know her better from her blog, Girl In A Teeny Town.

I LOVE getting things through the post, and even more so when they are as carefully and beautifully wrapped as that sent to me by Zoe - it even contained a Maoam sweetie!

Birds and Blossoms is Zoe's Bigcartel store which she has established to sell her handmade goodies. At the moment only these little beauties are available, but she has big plans to expand the range to include lots of other lovely items, such as jewellery and even Kindle covers (hurrah!).

I received the 'Anchors Away' bookmark, which has a teeny tiny silver anchor on one end of the blue velvet ribbon and a helm (ship steering wheel!) on the other, but there are 4 other adoreable sets in the range:
  • 'Birds and Blossoms' - swallow/rose
  • 'Magical unicorn' - shooting star/unicorn
  • 'Mermaid' - mermaid/shell
  • 'Vampire' - set of vampire fangs/warewolf (ideal for any Twilight fans!)
Despite its delicate appearance, the bookmark is surprisingly hardy, with the charms securely fastened on to the piece of ribbon.

It replaces plain bookmarks/old ticket stubs/bits of paper (only a snippet of what I used to use to mark my page in a book!) with something much more pretty yet practical - the charms not only indicate your page, but help keep the ribbon in place in your book.

These gorgeous little bookmarks are only £2 each (with only £1 p&p or £3 p&p if you're outside the UK), and I am definitely considering buying some more as lovely little presents (or even just keep for myself - I've got my eye on 'Magical Unicorn' and 'Birds and Blossoms!')

If you are a bookworm, or just a lover of all things beautiful and girly (like I am), you will definitely love Zoe and her handmade items - make sure you check them out!

Melanie x

(P.S. I genuinely do love this bookmark - just because Zoe kindly sent me it for review does not mean my enthusiasm is fake or my review is biased!)


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