Thursday, 28 June 2012

Review: ELF mineral moisturising lip tint

I am going through a phase where I can't stop buying products for my lips (lipstick, lipgloss, lipbalm, lipscrubs...), and as someone who has a very bad habit of chewing my lip (nice), I do go through quite a lot of lipbalm in particular.

I always find multi-task products quite appealing in particular, therefore when I spotted this ELF Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint (bought as part of my recent ELF haul), I knew I had to try it!

So what's packed into this little tube of loveliness?
♥ Shea Butter
♥ Jojoba Oil
♥ Coconut Oil
♥ Vitamin E
♥ SPF 8
♥ Subtle tint of colour
♥ 100% mineral based: NO parabans, preservatives or chemical dyes 

There are 8 natural (pinks, peaches and nudes - I want them all!) colours available for £3.50 each (as per most of the products in the Mineral range). 
I managed to restrain myself (I do have a habit of ordering loads of the same thing in different colours, especially with ELF!) and order the shade 'blush,' which is a really beautiful warm pink shade, which makes my lips look lovely and plumpcious (beestung, if you will!).

Getting an ELF box through the post is like Christmas time for me, as I love opening all the products and playing about with them.
However on opening this particular product I couldn't believe how tiny it was!

According to the website there is 2.8g of lip product in the packaging, which in numerical terms doesn't really mean much to me, but visually it's tiny - the circumfrance is about the size of a ball point pen end!
When twisted fully out there is about 2.5cm of product, length wise, which again is considerably smaller than your standard lipstick or lipbalm, and as someone who is constantly reapplying her lip products, I don't expect this to last very long!

Despite this little (no pun intended) misdemeaner, I do really like this product.

♥ No smell to speak of (sickly sweet, fake smells can be off putting)
♥ Tastes yummy (I can't stop licking my lips - maybe that's their plan!)
♥ Really pretty colour which does give a nice pay off
♥ Leaves lips soft and smooth without drying (sounds a bit daft to say, but some balms such as Carmex are designed to essentially dry your lips so you keep applying the product and hence buy more!)
♥ Added benefit/protection of SPF 8

Have you tried this or any of the other Mineral products offered by ELF?
What would you recommend?

Melanie x

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  1. That is my gripe with ELF: when you get an awesome product there's so little of it! On the other hand, if the product sucks you get a lot (I'm talking about their cream eyeshadows. For the price I think I'd just buy a regular lip balm :-/