Friday, 8 June 2012

Product Empties

Due to my current living situation, I am finding myself using up more products than buying them in (simply because i'm running out of room!), and so you might find that these 'finished product' posts are a bit more of a regular occurance (PC/internet situation dependent)!

♥ Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - probably my favourite highstreet/drugstore foundation to date, largely because it is the best colour match i've found so far. It has been compared to the now-discontinued Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation by some (i.e. the ladies from Pixiwoo), and whilst I can't personally vouch for that, I can say it gives a really lovely, healthy (as the name suggests) effect to the skin, with surpringly good coverage. And if the comparisons to the Chanel foundation are true, i'd rather pay £9.99 for this than nearly £30 for the Chanel!
Would I buy again? Yes. As i've mentioned, its the best colour match for me so far, and compared to the Lancome foundation i'm using right now, this is much more preferable.

♥ Nivea Radiance Boosting Daily Scrub - For a while I was scrubbing my face in some manner on a daily basis (whether it be with a muslin cloth at night, face scrub in the morning etc), and this was part of that routine, Recently i've been trying to phase out the need for face scrubbing (on the basis that the more I scrub, the more oil my skin will produce!) therefore this scrub ran out at the right time, but when I was using it I did enjoy it as it cleaned my face without being harsh.
Would I buy again? I actually got this as part of a set for my Christmas, therefore it was a product i ended up using out of necessity. It was a nice, inoffensive cream wash, but I prefer my scrubs to be a bit more hardcore when I use them, so no, probably not!

♥ Garnier 7 Day Gel-Cream moisturiser - I am obsessed with body moisturiser, and hardly ever stray from my beloved Palmers Cocoa Butter. However I picked this variety up in the discount section of Boots one day on a whim, and after initially struggling with the (what can only be described as) weird texture (like putting hair gel or something on your skin!), i've really enjoyed using it. It has a lovely fresh smell, sinks in really quickly (making it ideal for after morning showers) and really does leave my skin feeling soft (although the 7 day claim is debatable. Who wouldn't moisturise for 7 days?!)
Would I buy again? Yes, I would actually. The texture and effect of this moisturiser would make it an ideal after-sun product, and it's fairly reasonably priced.


♥ Naked Skin Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser - I really like the Naked haircare line, therefore I was really excited when I saw the skincare products (consisting of a cleanser, toner, eye gel, moisturiser and face wash) in Superdrug. Aimed at sensitive skin, I personally think this cleanser could be used by all skin types, but in particular those with sensitive or problem skin. It is pacted full of skin saviour ingredients such as cocoa butter and whilst being quite thick in texture, it is really refreshing on the skin and not at all irritating.
Would I buy again? Yes - not only do I like the products themselves (as well as this cleanser, I own the eye gel and toner), I really like the quirky packaging design and what the Naked company stand for/represent in using as many natural ingredients as possible, not testing on animals and encouraging recycling.

♥ Maxfactor Glide and Define eyeliner - As you are all well aware, I am obsessed with false eyelashes, and I find the perfect partner for wearing these is liquid eyeliner. I do still struggle slightly in achieving the perfect winged eyeliner effect, but in order to try and do it I find that 'felt tip' eyeliners are the best aide. I don't usually use Maxfactor products (I guess I just consider them a bit overpriced and 'mumsy' since my Mum uses them!) and this was bought as a present, but I have quite liked it as it is one of my preferred felt tip liners and is a handy handbag size!
Would I buy again? I doubt it. It's quite tiny in size in comparison to other liquid eyeliners, and thus somewhat overpriced, and whilst I do enjoy the application method (not dissimilar to L'Oreal Carbon Gloss eyeliner), it isn't particularly long wearing.

♥ Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner - I have wanted to try Eyeko products for such a long time, and was so excited when I saw a set of them (liquid eyeliner, double-ended pencil eyeliner and lip crayon) in TKMaxx I snapped it up. Whilst I love the lip crayon, the eye products are not so outstanding. Again I love the felt tip applicator, but the colour isn't very intense or long lasting on the eye.
Would I buy again? No, largely because Eyeko products are quite difficult to track down, AND they've put up their prices!

♥ Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser - I am such a sucker for this product and the celebrity cult following that it has, and I have literally bought this about 5 times (Kylie Minogue loves it don't you know). I keep buying it because I am willing it to do wonders to my skin, but sadly its just too thick for my indecistive pores, and keeps bringing me out in spots. Bah.
Would I buy again? I'd like to say no (until i'm a more suitable age. like 50 - i.e. someone with mature skin), but I probably will, just because I like the fact I can smear it all over my face (eye makeup and all) and wipe off with a damp muslin cloth instead of faffing about with cotton pads etc etc!

♥ (Aldi) Lacura Q10 Night Cream - I think the Aldi skincare products are brilliant and excellent value for money (this was less than £2), and are often very cheap dupes for other products on the market - this is a really inexpensive version of the Nivea Q10 moisturisers, for example. I wanted to try this and the day cream because I'd heard good things about the Q10 element and as it was less than the price of a magazine, no harm done!
Would I buy again? Yes - they are so inexpensive and affordable but not cheap (in terms of quality). If you have an Aldi near you, have a nosy!

What used up products would you buy again?
Melanie x


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