Monday, 23 July 2012

Review: ELF Hypershine Lipgloss - Bubblegum

If there's one thing I probably have too much of, makeup wise, it's probably lipgloss, but when I took advantage of ELF's 30% off sale, I couldn't help adding this to my basket to try, and at £1.50 (or just over £1 if you take into account the discount!) it wasn't going to break the bank!

Hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Conditioning shine lasts for hours. (ELF website)

♥ Plastic packaging - can feel a little flimsy and isn't as good a quality as the Studio line of products, but for £1.50 I can't really complain.
♥ Brush applicator - can help for more precise application than a doe foot applicator.
♥ Twist up mechanism/design - I don't mind this as a means of dispensing the product, although things inside the lid can get messy after use!

♥ ELF have likened the scent of this to cotton candy, but it strongly reminds me of plasticine!
♥ Quite a subtle smell - thankfully!

♥ Very thick/'gloopy' - this is definitely not a gloss you want to wear on a windy day if your hair is down!
♥ I am all for a thick gloss, as it does extend the staying power, but I almost find this 'uncomfortable' to wear - it is not a gloss I can apply without a mirror as I get paranoid I would be left with unblended lipgloss lumps on my lips! Lovely.

Shade/Finish/Staying Power
♥ Very sheer baby pink
♥ No glitter or shimmer - simply glossy finish
♥ Quite pretty when worn by itself - adds a nice sheen to lips
♥ If the texture was a bit more workable i'd imagine it would look lovely over nude/pink lipsticks, but as I find it quite 'lumpy' I tend to find it looks a bit odd layered!
♥ As this is uber thick it does stay on quite a while, even after eating/drinking, but you do end up with a lovely thick layer of gloss on your mugs/cups etc.

Whats the Verdict?
This is an 'ok' gloss, but I don't think i'll buy it again.
As with the majority of ELF products, you get very little product (I guess that's why they can afford the low prices!), and as I am a compulsive gloss user, i'll finish this very quickly!

Have you tried the Hypershine glosses?

Melanie x



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