Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Review: Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

I am admittedly not the best at applying eyeliner (despite watching countless 'how to's' on YouTube), but as they do say that practise makes perfect, and as a result I go through quite a lot of eyeliner!

For my upper eyelids I rely heavily on liquid liner, as I find that gel liners dry out before I get to use them properly (and i'm still searching for the perfect application brush) and pencil liners, whilst fine for a smokey, smudged look at nighttime, don't give a precise finish.

I have yet to find a 'Holy Grail' eyeliner (as with the majority of my makeup products!) and so have tried a variety from various (mainly highstreet) brands, with this one being the latest (bought for me by my lovely Mum):

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

♥ RRP £5.99
♥ Sold from 'usual' stockists including Superdrug, Boots and supermarkets

'Felt tip' style - my favourite type of liquid eyeliner applicator, as it is far less messy than a brush and allows for continuous eyeliner flow when applying both fine and thicker eyeliner styles.
♥ 0.4mm brush tip - not as fine a tip as the L'Oreal Carbon Gloss eyeliner, for example, but still allows for precise application.
♥ Replaceable cap - I would have liked this to fit on the end of the eyeliner packaging like a standard felt tip pen lid would, as I am often in danger of losing the lid if I drop it on the floor!
♥ Despite the lid and Maybelline's various claims that the packaging has been designed to prevent the product drying out, I have found if I don't store this correctly (i.e. lid side downwards) it can seem to have dried out.

Shade/Finish/Staying Power
♥ At the moment (as far as I am aware) this eyeliner is only available in black.
♥ Not the most pigmented of eyeliners i've ever tried
♥ Matte finish - not glossy or shimmery
♥ This is by no means an 'unbudgeable' eyeliner - it has an annoying habit of transferring to my eyelids if I haven't used a primer, or if I get a bit hot and sweaty (nice), and as the day goes on I do find it wears off on the inner corners of my eyes or gloops up in my tear ducts. Lovely.

Cruelty Free?
NO - Maybelline still carry out testing on animals.

What's the Verdict?
This is another one of those 'ok' products that will do me for now.
I wouldn't say it's worth £5.99, and I wouldn't repurchase it once it runs out.
One only for the Maybelline die hards I would say!

What eyeliner would you recommend I try next?

Melanie x


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