Friday, 20 July 2012

Review: ELF Studio Blusher - Twinkle Pink

I think I was one of the few people who didn't take advantage of the 50% off sale that ELF had recently (*pat on the back for frugality though!*), although I did make some purchases in their earlier 30% sale a few months back, including the focus of today's (mini) review:

Studio Blusher - Twinkle Pink

I took a bit of a gamble choosing this particular shade, as ELF are notoriously bad with the 'swatches' on their website (in that they often turn out to be  nothing like the real product!), but I am so glad I picked it as I LOVE it .

I have never seen the infamous Nars 'Orgasm' in real life, but (from what i've heard/read), this is very similar to it: a rose blush with gold shimmer through it which has a lovely warming effect on the skin.

(This one shows the 'sparkle' more)

The packaging is also very similar to that of the Nars product (sleek, black, rectangular), the major difference being price: 'Orgasm' is a hefty £21 for 4.8gof product, whilst 'Twinkle Pink' (I just love that name) is only £3.75 for 2.75g.

The shimmer runs all the way through the product and doesn't just sit on the top (17 cheek products i'm looking at you!), and I would say if you're more of a matt-effect person you won't like this: whilst the gold shimmer particles aren't huge, in-your-face pieces, they aren't as finely milled as a Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, for example.

However I personally love this blusher. It adds a lovely healthy glow and the staying power is pretty amazing.

Crappy iPhone pic. Blush is much warmer (and my skin not so stark white!) in real life.

I'm definitely going to add a few more Studio Blushers to my collection.

Would you recommend any shades?

Melanie x


  1. Me too! I was so tempted to but I literally couldn't find enough items that I wanted cos so much was sold out! So I would have just been buying things for the sake of it :/

    This is really pretty! I have Berry Merry which is a plummy shade with gold shimmer, I love it!


    1. Ooo I like the sound of that one (even from just the name. I'm such a sucker that way...) xxx

  2. that looks so pretty! I also bypassed the 50% sale, there wasn't enough I needed/wanted.

    1. Yeah i'm trying to be 'good' and use up all my products first before buying anything else. Well that's the general idea, whether it works is something else...! x