Thursday, 6 September 2012

I think i've got a problem...

I ventured to Glasgow yesterday to register with a recruitment agency (Change Recruitment if anyone in the area is looking for a recruitment agency - really lovely and helpful!) and meet my friend for lunch, but of course I couldn't resist a wee peak in Lush (and Cath Kidston, which I didn't even realise had opened).

In my defense, the Lush things (well apart from the lip scrub...) I did actually need, but the Cath Kidston purchase, well...I'm a sucker for anything floral and girly, and my original makeup bag was getting tatty...

Lip sugar scrub in 'Bubblegum', £5.25

Rub Rub Rub body scrub, £7.95

Hsuan Wen Hua hair mask, £8.95 and The Hair Doctor hair mask, £6.75

Cath Kidston makeup bag (with little mirror!) £10


  1. makeup bag envy!! thats lovely! also i love justifying purchases. I do that too :P i'll be like "I needed two nude lipsticks because all my current ones are pink and I cant buy just one incase it doesnt suit me" teehee!!


  2. Hehe, I love how we justify these sorts of things to ourselves - I do this all the time when shopping, I convince myself that something I really want I really NEED and make excuses to buy things! Ooh and that reminds me I just gave away two lipsticks because the colours didn't suit me so that means I have to buy two more or there'll be a deficit in my makeup collection LOL! x