Monday, 17 September 2012

Product Empties - August 2012

Apologies if you have watched the corresponding YouTube video to this (you may want to skip this particular blogpost), and yes I do realise it's now the 17th of September, but as I used the majority of these products up in August, I thought I would call the post my August empties!

As I said in the video, I am hoping to do a monthly empties video/post as I am getting through quite a few products, but don't hold me to that!

Boots Extra Large Cotton Wool Pads
I LOVE these -they are really large (as the name suggests) and square in shape, and one pad literally does my whole face (well, eyes and toner, as I currently use a wash-off cleanser). You get 60 pads for around £2, and they can be found in the baby section of Boots (rather than the skincare aisle). I'll definitely be stocking up on these.

Lush Hair Doctor
If you might have guessed, I can't get enough of Lush at the moment, and their pre-wash hair treatments are the newest range that i've discovered. After musing over the different kinds on offer, I decided to go with Hair Doctor and i'm so glad I did: it smells of peppermint, leaves your hair soft and your scalp lovely and smoothed. I think I'm going to buy one of these once a month as a hair treat.

Superdrug Intensive Condition (Comes with hair dye)
I coloured my hair for the first time this year (and have officially been bitten by the dye bug - bad times for my hair!), and despite initially getting it done at a salon, the last time was a home effort, using Superdrug's own brand of permanent hair dye (I plan on reviewing it next time I use it).This little tube of conditioner comes with the dye and i've really liked it - it really does smooth and condition your hair after colouring.

jstJodie Semtex
I mentioned these in my health and fitness post, and whilst they were fairly inoffensive in that I didn't (thankfully) have any side-effects, conversely I didn't notice any amazing benefits, and for the price of £30 for 1 month's supply, I would have expected more. From what Jodie (Marsh) has been retweeting, these really do seem to work for some people, but I'm going to battle on without them i'm afraid!

Emporio Armani 'She' EDP
I bought this on a whim one day in Boots (prior to my decision to become cruelty-free) when I had a money off voucher, and whilst I do love the beautiful fresh, talcum-power-esque scent, I wouldn't spend that amount of money (around £30)on such a small amount of perfume (30ml) again, especially when it's not cruelty free. The bottle is also rather unpractical - I like to see how much i've got left!

Olay Beauty Fluid
A bit of a cult classic (Olay and Ponds I always relate to my mum and my Nana!), I was given this for Christmas last year and have used it up in a bid to work through all my stock of products before buying any more. I do like the scent and the light texture of it (and therefore how it quickly sinks into the skin), but it's not a miracle product and not one i'd go out my way to buy repeatedly, again largely due to the animal testing factor also.

Johnson's Baby Lotion
I have to admit I've always had  a bit of a soft spot fr baby lotion, and recently accumulated about 7 bottles after Lee's baby nephew became allergic to it. It can be used as a cleanser but I tend to use it as a body moisturiser. And it's pink!

Soap & Glory Hand Food (travel size)
I say travel size, really it's a far more practical handbag size than the big version of this they also offer (and a bit more realistically priced at £2.50). It's taken me quite a while to work through this though (note that I even chopped the top off to get every last bit out!), and despite the thick consistency it sinks in really quickly leaving hands soft and smelling of the lovely signature Soap and Glory scent. If I didn't have about 10 bottles of hand lotion to work through i'd buy this again.

Estee Lauder Perfectly Cleaning Cleansing Lotion
I find it so odd that this is called a lotion when it was evidently a toner. Or was toner in appearance. Hmm. I can't for the life of me remember where I got this, but I was using it as a toner after cleansing, and unfortunately it basically hurt my face (but evidently not enough since I persisted and used it up!). It was also incredibly heavily scented. Suffice to say I wouldn't buy the bigger version!


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