Monday, 21 February 2011

30 Day Shred Update!

Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend (I did, Saturday involved a pub lunch followed by an icecream cone then a trip to the cinema to watch Paul - thoroughly recommend it, I might do a Vlog review/recommendation on it!)

Anyway as I am now in Week 2 of my 30 Day Shred DVD, I thought i'd give you a bit of a progress update.
I should say, however, that in the beginning I didn't weigh or measure myself (mostly because we don't have scales or measuring tape in the house!) and I am simply going on how I think i've changed and how I feel overall. I don't think i'm in any way overweight (i'm 5'8 and a half and weight around 10 stone), and i'm fairly tall and gangly (!), but I have noticed that I do put weight on more easily than I would have, say, 2 years ago (I blame this partly on the contraceptive pill and the fact I haven't exercised properly in months!) and would like to tone up my "problem" areas (tummy and bum), as well as increase my fitness.

Week 2 is basically the same as Week 1 in terms of the level I am on (Level 1), which I am ideally going to do for 10 days (i.e. 2 weeks) before moving onto Level 2, although I am considering sticking with Level 1 until I can master some "proper" push-ups (at the moment I can only do the "cheat's" version with my knees on the floor!)

Level 1 involves moves that are central to the 30 Day Shred method, and helps target trouble zones whilst building endurance. You have the choice of following either Anita (easier moves) or Natalie (more advanced) as well as Jillian herself, and there's a definate military feel to the workout, but you are given plenty of instructions and encouragement, and it is evident that Jillian has really thought out in the workout in order to get the maximum results.
The workout is as follows:

(2 minute warm-up)

Circuit 1:
  • 3 minutes of strength = 30 seconds push-ups (modified or full), 1 minute of squats with overhead press, repeat
  • 2 minutes of cardio =30 seconds jumping jacks, 30 seconds jump rope, repeat
  • 1 minute abs = 30 seconds basic crunch, 30 second reverse crunch
Circuit 2:
  • 3 minutes of strength= 30 seconds arm extend and retract to work back muscles using weights, 30 seconds of static lunge coupled with  bicep curls, repeat (lunge on either side)
  • 2 minutes of cardio = 30 seconds "butt kicks" (flicking your legs up behind you in a running motion with goal of literally kicking yourself in the bum!), 30 seconds squat and box, repeat
  • 1 minute of abs = Twisting crunches on either side
Circuit 3:
  • 3 minutes of strength = 30 seconds of chest presses (lying on the floor, arms extended above the chest, lower to floor and repeat, using weights), 30 seconds of side lunges coupled with arm raises using weights, repeat
  • 2 minutes of cardio = combination of all cardio moves in previous 2 circuits
  • 1 minute of abs = bicycle crunches (I hate these!)
(2 minute cool down)

You might be looking at the above list thinking "that looks easy" but trust me, it isn't!
After 20 minutes I am literally dripping with sweat (lovely) and I can definately feel it in my muscles. Because it's only 20 minutes and is very varied in the moves you do, the time flies past and I actually look forward to doing it in the morning rather than dreading it.
The first few days I did it my muscles were so sore I literally couldn't walk (I was at one point crawling up my stairs - yes I am that unfit) but I like the pain as it makes me think my muscles are getting a workout!
I also struggled to complete some of the moves, but now on Day 6 I can get through them a lot better (I was going to say comfortably but that would be going too far - I still end up panting and sweating!)
One area i've already noticed a difference is in my arms - they look far more defined. I do think I have "muscle memory" in this area from previously doing yoga on a daily basis, but doing this DVD with the weights (or in my case 2 tins of baked beans!) has definately helped.
At the moment I haven't really changed my eating habits, as generally I don't eat that bad, but I am determined to become more healthy overall by changing to a more healthy diet (i.e porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and a good dinner, with things like fruit and oat cakes for snacks) and should hopefully see good results!

Overall I am already feeling a lot better about myself generally, and would definately recommend it to anyone looking to start a new workout, particularly one that doesn't take up much time but is still very effective. Out of 188 customer reviews on 150 are 5-star and 31 are 4-star - say no more!

Next week: update when I embark on Level 2!

I would love to hear if any of you have tried the 30 Day Shred - please let me know!

Melanie x


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