Thursday, 17 February 2011

New YouTube Video - My Wardrobe Essentials

Morning everyone, hope you're all having a good day so far.

just to let you know I got a couple of videos filmed last night (the first of which is just a quick Vlog about "The King's Speech" - fab film!), and thought you might be interested in my Wardrobe Essentials video.
I consider the following items essential (in my personal wardrobe - I promise i'm not trying to dictate what everyone should have!), and think they form good basics with which to work with:

1. Leggings - so versatile not to mention comfortable! 'nuff said!

2. Leather boots- an excellent investment and can last a lifetime if looked after properly. I've been wearing mine to death over jeans, leggings and thick tights, and think I could continue wearing them through spring and even summer, adding a "tougher" edge to tea dresses etc.

3. Nude/skin coloured underwear - essential for underneath the sheer/floaty tops in fashion at the mo!

4. Jeans (dark coloured and straight-legged in particular) - jeans have to be the most versatile of any piece of clothing and can easily go from day to night with the addition of some heels and a nice top. Dark, fitted jeans can even be worn to work (depending on your dress code of course!) and look fab with the pussy-bow blouses of the moment.

5. A good tailored blazer - can go with casual or more dressy outfits (as I mention in the video, I LOVE the idea of pairing an oversized boyfriend blazer with a white t-shirt, skinny/fitted jeans and a pair of converse!), and you don't necessarily have to spend a great amount to get a decent one - Zara in particular do lovely blazers.

6. Neutral coloured handbag - goes with anything and can be grabbed quickly on the way out the door, whilst more brightly coloured/patterned designs might require a bag change with every outfit!

7. Nailpolish! Dark coloured in particular. I think it is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit to make you look more groomed, and I always feel a lot better with pretty nails, even if i'm just lounging about in jogging trousers!

That's what I think - I'd love to know your wardrobe essentials too!



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