Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Elle Style Awards and an apology!

I'm sorry readers, I should be awarded the title of World's Worst Blogger.
Over the past few weeks i've been generally poorly and run down (suffering from gastric flu at one point) and so I haven't really thought about blogging to be honest.
I've also been musing about whether or not blogging is something I can be really committed to. I LOVE reading other people's blogs and I really admire those who can post on a regular basis, as it is a lot more time-consuming and requires a lot more dedication than I first thought.
However I'm going to persist for a bit longer, and hope that you will bear with me whilst I find my feet!

Anyhoo back to the main matter in hand....the recent Elle Style Awards! Coming up are some of the best dressed lovelies on the night....
 Can Cheryl Cole (or is it Tweedy now...?) do no wrong?! I love her style...style crush possibly coming up!

 Emma Watson is also someone I admire style-wise. She tends to go for classic pieces whilst still looking fresh and funky - I like!
 I'm not so keen on the style of this dress Blake Lively is wearing, but I LOVE the colour

For some people this particular outfit might not be particularly striking on Helena Christensen, but I like the colours and the ruby-red shoes!

SamCam might be playing on the safe side in this dress, but I love the rich blue colour, and the nude shoes and chunky necklace finish it off nicely.

I don't particularly like this outfit that Geri Halliwell has on, but I thought i'd include her because her figure is AMAZING! She's definately got better with age!

WAG alert! The tan and boobs are too much, but I love a bit of sparkle and think this sequin dress is fab!

Melanie x


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