Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Momentus Day for Melanie...

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Well, I can officially strike off one of the items on my '30 Before 30' list -  i've got rid of my overdraft!

In the grand scheme of things, and compared to other graduates, my overdraft wasn't exactly huge or debilitating, but it's been a long hard slog to pay it off (something which I was desperate to do before it started accruing interest), and when I checked my bank balance this morning and realised I was 'in the black' for the first time in about 5 years I was really quite proud of myself!

The challenge now will be to be sensible with my money and try and manage it better: i've started drawing up a list of all my direct debits etc at the start of every month so I know what i've definitely got to pay out for, and i've also got a finance table insert for my Filofax which lets me know when, where and how much i'm spending - fingers crossed I stay on the right track!

Melanie x


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