Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Poundland Picks!

Poundland might not be the likliest of places to pick up 'decent' make-up/beauty bits - it really is very hit-and-miss! - but today I struck lucky.

As the name suggests, everything was a pound...

If like me you're on a budget, or you just like to grab a bargain, I would definitely recommend that you have a look next time you're passing your local Poundland/99p store because you never know what might turn up!

Melanie x


  1. WOW i need to get myself to Poundland like NOW! haha I heard about the Stila makeup but had no idea about the Revlon polishes - gonna drag the boyfriend there tomorrow ;P Love the polish shades xx

  2. I love going into poundland/99p stores for brand name makeup! I really need to go have a look in order to have a look for some Stila makeup I think!! (also for that Revlon Polish in Vixen! Love!)

  3. Oo i love poundland! so many of my hauls come from there!
    Im adicted to the point i might just get a job there so I get first dibs on the makeup >.<

  4. Hey I just followed. I can't believe you got the stila TM for so cheap! I bought mine for around $30.

    Would appreciate it if you checked mine out

  5. Hiya Melanie, I've just come across your blog from the e.l.f blog and have to say I love it! Never would have thought about going to Poundland to get cheap makeup products - must get down to my local one pronto!


    1. Hi Mary,
      thanks for your lovely comment :) I would definitely recommend checking out Poundland - you never know what you might find! xx