Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Review: Lush Ayesha Face Mask

I do apologise if my recent posts have been rather Lush-heavy/focused, but I have completely fallen in love with their products and love everything they stand for as a company.

My skin has been going a bit haywire recently, and so last time I was in Lush having a nosy, I decided to pick up a face mask to see if it would help!

I'm not entirely sure what made me choose Ayesha in particular from the range available (an impatient other half is most likely), as from their website Lush appear to be targeting it at more mature skins (or for those times when you want to make a quick difference to your face, for a night out), but it is packed full of skin-saviour ingredients such as honey and witch hazel that I would assume would help any/most skin types.

Key ingredients include:
  • Elderflower Infusion and Elderflower vinegar - to balance out skin tone
  • Honey - to moisturise
  • Kiwi - provides vitamin C to brighten
  • Asparagus - the enzymes within help break down dead skin cells for removal
  • Fullers Earth and Witch Hazel - absorb grease and dirt whilst tightening the skin
  • Patchouli, rosemary and rose absolute - regenerative essential oils

As the masks are 'fresh' and contain no preservatives, they must be kept in a fridge and used up within a month (or whatever date is stated on the use-by stamp), although I finished mine about a week after the recommended date and it was still fine.

Ayesha costs £5.95 for 75g, which at first I did resent paying as the tubs look pretty small, but (with this mask in particular) a little goes a long way and the mask lasted me a surpringly long time - I think I managed to get about 6 masks (at least 4 on me and 2 on Lee!) out of this one tub, which is really good value for money when you consider you pay upwards of £1 for sachet masks.

Ayesha looks and smells DISGUSTING, like really herby seaweed or something - when I first put it on, I wondered if I could manage to handle the smell without having to remove it immediately! - but you do become accustomed to the 'scent' and it tends to fade away as the mask dries out.

The mask dries and hardens not dissimilar to a clay-based mask, and I would recommend using it with a warm, damp muslin or face cloth.

I used this mask maybe once or twice a week, and really noticed a difference, both immediately and the morning after use.
I wouldn't say this gives the 'face lift' effect that Lush proclaim (and I would be wary of confusing dryness with 'taughtness' - I did feel the need to apply a toner and moisturiser after using this 'just in case'), but it definitely had a gentle exfoliation and therefore brightening effect on my skin, and undoubtedly helped heal/clear any pesky spots that were around.

If you have dry or sensitive skin this might be too 'much' for you, but those with normal/oily/combination would probably like it.

I would definitely consider repurchasing,and can't wait to try some of the other Lush fresh facemasks - what do you recomend?


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