Wednesday, 7 August 2013

50 Facts about me!

1. Full name = Melanie Blane.
2. Height: 5'8 and a half!
3. I love cheese.
4. Studied marketing and history at uni - Honours degree in history.
5. I was a voluntary hospital radio presenter for 2 years.
6. I am from Kilmarnock - place of The Scheme.
7. One sister called Nicola.
8. One cat called Tanya (and now a dog called Poppy!)
9. One tattoo on my wrist - Ad Astra (means "To the stars" in latin).
10. I have a DVD buying obsession.

11. Would much rather have a quiet night in with a DVD and a takeaway than go out.
12. Favourite soap is Home and Away.
13. When I was younger I wanted to be a marine biologist.
14. My favourite animals are Orcas (Killer Whales).
15. I'm left handed.
16. One "major" scar -  on my neck from where I had a mole removed.
17. I have a phobia of getting lost.
18. Also hate daddylonglegs and butterflies. Anything that flies/flaps really...
19. Orchids are my favourite flower. 
20. Non-smoker.

21. Anything to do with fingernails or feet gives me the heebie jeebies.
22. Favourite drink is tea.
23. I passed my driving test first time at 17.
24. I don't like food to touch on my plate.
25. My age now!
26. Hate parsnips and scotch pies.
27. Indecisive. 
28. I am traumatised by the film E.T.
29. Biggest pet peeve: people who don't get 'there/their/they're' right!!
30. I don't like change.

31. Not a morning OR night person!
32. Fascinated by tornadoes.
33. Aries star sign.
34. I don't like rollercoasters.
35. I can't cook
36. Nail biter.
37. Favourite type of humour is observational.
38. Favourite comedian is Michael McIntyre.
39.Had a lazy eye when I was younger.
40. Family are everything to me.

41. Very loyal.
42. Glass half empty (sadly!)
43. Believe in an afterlife and have visited a psychic several times.
44. I don't like cake. Apart from mini rolls!
45. Favourite colour is pink.
46. When I was younger I didn't have a teddy or blanket. I had "bas baws": 2 cot bumpers that I took everywhere...!
47. Get VERY grumpy when tired and/or hungry.
48. Quite messy but it annoys me after a while.
49. Not an athletic person naturally. Was always picked last in P.E.! :(
50. I am happy in my own company.

Tell me a little fact about you...


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