Monday, 13 December 2010

Oo la la - a Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation Review

Hello Ladies (or should I say, Bonjour! given the subject of today's posting...)
I've decided for my third foray into blog posting to do a little review on one of Bourjois' latest foundation offerings: Bio Detox organic foundation with chlorophyll, which Bourjois claim to give you a "fresh and even completion and detoxified skin," through the use of oxygen and filtering of pollution.
(Please excuse the messy bottle. I have been using this for a few weeks now and inevitably it has gone everywhere!)

I have to admit I am a sucker for "organic" products therefore when Gemma from Gemsmaquillage mentioned she had been sent this new product (which claims on the side of the bottle that 98.8% of its ingredients are from "natural origins" and 21.9% are from organic farming), I hotfooted-it down to my nearest Boots and snapped up some - RRP for Boots is £10.99 for 30ml but I think it was on special offer.
FYI: mine is the shade No.51 - light vanilla. Cue cheesy posing photo...

The foundation is dispensed using a pump (very handy and hygienic, until you start running out..!) and on first appearences is a lovely creamy consistency with a slight shimmer through it which does give a certain glow to your skin.

However unfortunately for me that's where the positives end. For some reason no matter how much moisturiser I may apply beforehand (and my skin has never been particularly dry), my skin seems to hoover this up and it sticks itself to all the possibly dry bits on my skin, making it hard to work with. I therefore have to apply quite a few layers and buff in using a foundation brush to get a satisfactory result, and even then sets to a strange almost powdery finish, which rubs off VERY easily - I often find where i've happened to have touched (never mind rubbed) my face i'll have traces of the foundation all over my fingers/nails. Therefore by the end of the day it has almost evitably rubbed off, and although I do realise that Bourjois have not promoted this particular foundation as having staying power, but I can't say any of my previous foundations rubbed of as easily as this one.
I also found that the start of using this foundation co-incided with my break out in several large horrible red spots, although admittedly I did change my skin care routine at the same time so this could also be to blame.

On the other hand this might suit those looking for sheer/medium, buildable cover without the need to use a powder thereafter, and I do applaud Bourjois for releasing a foundation that has more "green" credentials than many others.
I'm going to persevere using this bottle (possibly trying a primer underneath first...) and then i'll be on the hunt for a new foundation - any suggestions?!

Melanie x


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