Sunday, 19 December 2010

Perfume Parlour - the alternative to expensive perfumes?

Hello everyone, me again. Hope you've all had a lovely festive Christmas weekend - can't believe it's only 6 more sleeps (as my advent calendar has informed me!) until the big day!
I'm meant to be going out shopping with my Mum later, but until she gets ready I thought i'd do a "quick" post on my foray into perfume oils.

Being an ex-student (and hence rather lacking in the money department at the moment), I often frequent the forums on the website for beauty, hair, cosmetic etc money-saving ideas.
In the Health and Beauty forum someone mentioned the idea of perfume oils as a cheaper, money-saving alternative to big-brand spray perfumes, and in particular the Perfume Parlour website, which claims to be "the largest designer perfume oil and fragrance oil seller in the UK", and can apparently save the average customer £200 on perfume in a year.
I should explain quickly that Designer "type" perfume oils from the Perfume Parlour are meant to have the same top, heart and base notes as the designer perfumes available on the high street, whilst the non-designer fragrance oil is simply an uncut oil (for example orange blossom, lilac, vanilla etc) which can be used in air freshners, soap making, candle making, body lotions and so on.
I was immediately drawn to the Designer type oils (available for both men and women) and the huge list available, ranging from Thierry Mulgar Alien ("type") to Vera Wang Princess.
These oils come in a small glass bottle (choice of 3, 6, 8 or 12ml sizes) - ideal for your handbag - with a roller ball top (also certain fragrances available in sprays) and are presented in a leather-look pouch, and are very reasonably priced - for example the 12ml bottle is £6.75, with free delivery on orders over £10.00 (UK only).

Being a big fan of Thierry Muglar's Angel, I immediately popped one in my basket, along with a sample of Victor & Rolf's class Flowerbomb, which I'd always fancied trying but could never justify the price!
Delivery was very quick, and the oils came very carefully packaged.

(I'm afraid I only have pictures of the "Flowerbomb" oil - I managed to hoover up my Angel one...long story!)
If i'm honest the Angel oil was slightly different to the original "real" perfume - it's a lot more musky and is a bit too strong for my liking. The Flower Bomb oil however is perfect - I did a "smell test" at Gatwick Airport Duty Free and I honestly couldn't tell the difference.
Being an oil it's a stronger smell and lasts a lot longer on the skin, and although the bottle looks tiny (I think mine was an 8ml) it lasts a loooooong time as a little goes a long way. I also love the fact it's so "portable" and I can touch up my perfume throughout the day whenever I like (i've nearly came to the end of this particular bottle).
Bearing this in mind and given the price, i'd say it's a brilliant alternative to actual designer perfumes, and would even make a lovely present for someone.
Off to the shops I go now!
Melanie x


  1. I'd never heard of these until this post. Sounds like if you find one that matches the real perfume you're onto a winner!x

  2. Yeah I thought so when I found the Flowerbomb "type" oil! I would definately check them out...

  3. I have only recently discovered these oils and I'm in love with them, I found angel wasnt quite right too but others are great. I have five but have ordered ten more :) x