Sunday, 17 July 2011

Haul Part 2!

Ok so yesterday was Primark, today was a trip into town, which I meant only to get my Dad a birthday card.
Instead (along with the birthday card) I picked up a few "extras"...
Straight-Legged Jeans £19.99 - New Look
I have been on the hunt for a new pair of straight leg jeans for AGES, ever since my favourites holed in the, ahem, crotch (never a good look). I can't wear skinny jeans (it would appear I have chunky legs!), therefore straight is the way to go! I had hunted high and low before finding these in New Look.

Woven belt, £3.50 (sale) - New Look
I wanted a thick waist belt to wear with various bits in my wardrobe, and this one looks to fit the bill. Plus it was in the sale!

Crystal earrings £3.00 (sale) - New Look
I'm going to a wedding in Greece soon, and these earrings will look lovely with my navy-blue dress i'm wearing

Hoop earrings (2 pairs) £1.00 (sale) - New Look
Hoop earrings were an item I used to wear to death (I liked to think I was copying Victoria Beckham...!), then for some reason I just...stopped. I really want to start wearing them again, so for £1.00 I couldn't really pass these up!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter £2.99 - Savers
My MOST favourite body lotion. EVER.
Smells like chocolate and leaves skin lovely and smooth. And Beyonce is a fan. Random fact.

Boots Nail Polish Remover £1.00 - Boots
I usually get my nails Shellac-ed (as you should know by now!), but Lee-Anne who does my nails has taken ill this week, and (much to my nails' distress!) she had to cancel my pre-holiday appointment this week. Therefore, in an attempt to do my nails myself, I needed to buy some nail polish remover with acetone in it to remove the old Shellac.

Boots Expert Ultra Stength Nail Hardener £4.10 - Boots
(see reason above!)
I feel if i'm going to be tending my nails myself for the next 3 or so weeks, I need all the help I can get!

Rimmel Pro French Manicure Polish (433 French ivory) £4.59 - Boots
I have quite a HUGE nail polish collection, but don't yet have a kind of nude colour like this. I wanted something quite chic, and was going to go with the Bourjois Rose Lounge (because I am now officially a Kate Middleton groupie), but thought i'd try this first instead.
Watch out for a NOTD post!

...and of course the one thing I initially went into town for: Dad's card! (89p, Card Factory!)

Melanie x


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