Sunday, 10 July 2011

Style Crush of the Week - Elle Macpherson

Who wouldn't want to look as fab as Elle at her age?!

A fair few of the following pics were taken when she was on the "school run" (leaving loads of jealous mums in her wake), but I recently read a quote from Elle regarding such photos where she said that 90% of the time - in terms of make-up, hair, clothes - she was in "work mode/attire" (i.e. going to or coming from photo shoots, tv studios, etc, etc.)

Whether not this is true (who can forget when she turned up in leather trousers?) I don't know, but I think for 48 she looks pretty freakin' amazing, and shows that 40 does not mean frumpy (I sound like Gok Wan) - maybe the whole getting-older-thing won't be so bad after all...

Melanie x


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