Monday, 18 July 2011

My new project: 30 Before 30

I'm the kind of person who loves the idea of goal setting/new year's resolutions etc, etc, but just never really persist and get anywhere with them. Not to mention mine were usually lame and predictable (my favourite one used to be: i'll stop biting my nails. Guess i've achieved that one...!)

However whilst reading through some new blogs I came across Sophia's Journal, and the idea of 30 Before 30 - a list of 30 things you'd love to achieve/get done before you're 30.

Now I know i'm only 23, but I figure 7 years gives me plenty of room; not only to save up for said ambitions, but in terms of time to get them done without stressing - and therefore I might enjoy them and look forward to the process rather than regarding it as a task and something which I "have" to do.

You can find my list here.
I've only filled out 18 of the 30 items so far, as I'd like to fill the rest in as I go; picking up ideas along the way! No doubt many of these will change, and heck I might not achieve them all, but I reckon it is quite an achieveable list and i'm actually excited about the thought of being able to score each of them off as done.

I'm hoping that with each item I tick off the list i'll document as a blog post, which will make for a nice record for me to look back in 7 years time!

If you've been prompted by this post to start your own 30 Before 30 (or 25 Before 25, 20 Before 20....and so on - it's your life and your ambitions!), then please let me know as i'd love to include your link to my own 30 Before 30 page.

Melanie x


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