Sunday, 17 July 2011

Primark/Shoe Haul

First the shoes...

£1.00 (down from £4.00) - Primark

£25(ish) down from approx £70 -

£6.00 (down from £12.00) - Primark

£1.00 (down from £2.50) - Primark (actually got a silver pair as well but forgot to include them!)

Then the bags...

£5.00 (down from £9.00) - Primark
This is like the Primark version of the Alexander Wang Rocco/Ebay Focco!

£9.00 - Primark
I grabbed this as soon as I saw it. It is the shape of a Louis Vuitton Alma bag, and looks so classic.

And finally the clothes/accessories...

£5.00 (down from £10.00) - Primark

£6.00 - Primark
I love the vintage-style pieces that Primark have started adding to their clothes.

£2.00 each - Primark

£5.00 (down from £11.00) - Primark
I'm still searching for the perfect blazer in this exact nude shade, but for now this waterfall waistcoat will do!

£2.50 - Primark

£1.00 (down from £2.50) - Primark

All (minus the trainers!) for £37.50!

I also treated myself to a Personal-size Filofax from an Ebay seller which i'll feature on here soon once I receive it and fill it out exactly how I want it!

Enjoy the rest of your sunday :)

Melanie x


  1. Thanks :) I love Primark, cause for the price of like one top from Topshop, you can get about 10 things! X

  2. Great haul! I visited primark today hoping to pick up the cream bag after seeing it on peoples yt/blogs but had no luck as they only had it in pink xx