Tuesday, 6 September 2011

NOTD: Rimmel Lycra Pro - 420 Aqua Cool

Another day, another nail polish, this time the turn of Aqua Cool from the Rimmel Lycra Pro collection.

This is THE most stunningly beautiful pastel shade of cornflower blue, and one I keep catching myself admiring on my nails ever so often!

This is actually the second shade I've purchased from the Rimmel Lycra Pro range (the other being a french manicure nude shade which i've yet to feature in a NOTD post - watch this space!), and I really quite like these polishes: good consistency (not quite as thick as the Barry M polishes) and staying power, beautiful range of colours, practical brush shape (I HATE square-tipped brushes!) and reasonable price - RRP £4.59 for 12ml (although I got mine from savers for £3.59).

If you're looking for the perfect fresh, funky and eyecatching shade, then I thoroughly recommend this little beauty (and don't listen to what your parents might say - my mum said I looked like I had bad circulation!!)

Melanie x


  1. Lovely colour! Thanks for the follow

    sugar xxx

  2. I bought this the other day - I work in Boots and as I see what others are buying, I pretty much end up buying a whole basket ful of stuff when my shift ends lol! It's a wonderfully soft shade of blue - love it :) thanks for sharing...

  3. @september sparkle & SugarSunnside - it's the lovliest colour i've seen in ages; really unusual and still quite summary! (I'm hanging onto the sun!)

    @Miss Raj - rather jealous of you working in Boots - my wages would never get home i'd spend it all in there!

    x x x