Sunday, 24 April 2011

(More) Product Use-Ups - Would I Buy Again?

Happy Easter All, hope you're having a fab day and are making yourselves suitably sick on easter eggs hehe.

I've recently came to the end of some products, so I thought I'd do another "would I buy again" post for your reference.

1. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo - approx £3 for 300ml (and usually part of deals/offers along with the conditioners), available at most usual cosmetic/haircare stockists including supermarkets
I don't know about you, but I seem to get through my shampoo far quicker than my conditioner (which is still on the go) - maybe it's cause I do the shampoo-twice thing...? I usually love the smell of Aussie products, but this one at first I wasn't too keen on -very sweet. It has grown on me however. I wouldn't say either this or the conditioner has made a major difference to my hair, but I do generally like the Aussie products and think they are a good, reliable range to fall back on. I might not necessarily buy this particular type of Aussie shampoo again, but am considering trying others from the range.

2. Mitchum Smart Solid antiperspirant/deodarant - approx £3 from most highstreet stores/supermarkets.
Mitchum has a reputation for being one of the more hard-core, no fuss deodarent/anti-perspirant brands out there (i.e. no fancy over the top advertising campaigns, just let the product speak for itself!), and for a long time you could only get it in the one "smell" (for both men and women)! But recently they've branched out into solid stick, roll-on and aerosol deodarents, as well as differing scents (mine was waterlily). It claims to leave no white marks, but I believe that any type of deodarant, from the cheapies to the most expensive, will leave marks if you don't let them dry before putting your clothes on, and this is no different! However it does do the job of keeping you fresh and secure in the knowledge you won't be sweating tremendously when you have it on. I probably will repurchase this after I use up my Dove Maximum Protection (review to come).

3. Pond's Hydronourishing Moisturiser - RRP £3.99 for 50ml from Boots, Superdrug and some supermarket stockists
Pond's is a brand which has been around from the year dot, and when I think of it I think of my Mum, and my Nana both using it; the cold cream cleanser in particular. However I picked up this moisturiser at the same time as the cold cream cleanser for the same price, and I have to say I didn't mind paying the £3.99 for this as I did for the cleanser! It is a simple, no-nonsense, does-what-it-is-designed-to-do moisturiser, which can be used in the morning and at night. Not too light yet not as thick and heavy as the cleanser, this is the one for you if you're looking for a no frills moisturiser with nothing else (such as SPF etc) added.
I prefer my moisturisers to do a bit more in terms of what they contain, so I probably won't buy this again as there's so many others out there to try!

4. Tesco Daily Care Coolmint Mouthwash - 89p for 500ml from Tescos
many of you will be wondering why I included such a random item, but recently tooth care has become VERY important to me after I had to get a root canal treatment on one of my molars. Whilst not half as bad a process as it's been made out to be, i'd rather not go through it again (nor have to fork out the £100!), and so i'm vowing to take much better care of my teeth (not that I was terrible before - I brushed religiously morning and night, just sometimes I'd miss a turn at night when really tired etc...), starting with using mouthwash after brushing. I plan to invest in an electric toothbrush at some point, and a jet flosser (flossing is one thing I have neither the time nor patience for!), but i'll need to save up first!

Melanie x


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