Monday, 11 April 2011

My Favourite, Favourite, Favourite Bloggers/YouTubers


Hello butterflies, I thought i'd spread some online love and go through a small list (in no particular order)of my favourite bloggers and/or YouTubers. Many (if not nearly all) of them might already be known to you, but please read on to find out why I love these fab folk, and where you can find them...

1. Ruth Crilly - A Model Recommends

Ruth is a professional model, and I remember first seeing her in the likes of Sugar and Bliss magazines in my younger days, but nowadays you're likely to see her gracing the pages of glossy mags such as Vogue.
Many "professionals" such as Ruth, Lisa Eldridge and Ashley Madekwe ("Bambi" in Secret Diary of a Call Girl), are increasingly turning to Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and blogging, which makes them a lot more accessible and "normal" to their public following! Ruth is really down to earth, funny/witty (her tweets never fail to make me giggle), and despite having a hectic work schedule, she still manages to post daily/regular blog posts and YouTube videos. She tends to focus more on product reviews, ranging from highstreet to high end, but also does tutorials and often takes her camera "behind the scenes" of photoshoots etc.

2. Lisa Eldridge - Lisa Eldridge Make-Up

I've only recently discovered Lisa's websites, believe it or not, and i've spent many a late night sitting up watching her tutorials and reviews. She regularly updates her blog/website with details of her latest work (she's worked on everyone from Lily Allen to Georgia May Jagger, on publications from Vogue, Glamour and InStyle), and has a section where you can request a video or "get the look" tutorial for her to do for you. It's really refreshing to get an "inside peek" into a professional make-up artist's trade in terms of hints and tips, and to see that she uses (and genuinely likes) highstreet/drugstore products as well as the higher end products.

3. Karris - Karrisx

I was so excited when I found Karris (originally on YouTube) because, like me, she's Scottish! (Yes such things excite me). There doesn't seem to be that many of us Scottish lassies on YouTube, but here's hoping we can change that sometime soon mwah ha ha.
But back to the matter in hand, I really like Karris's channel for a good mix of Tag videos (such as the "Look your worst challenge" which she did fabulously ha), hauls and reviews. She also occasionally touches on/discusses more topical ideas, such as cruelty free shopping, and is the queen of the "getting ready with..." videos, as well as OOTD videos!

4. Imogen - Foxy Locks

Imogen is a very successful business woman selling her own brand of hair extensions, and is the queen of all things hair related! If you're ever searching for "how-to" tutorials for getting those perfect Kardashian curls, cute Lauren Conrad plait or Blake Lively 'do, then Imogen is your gal! She also does haul videos, some make-up related tutorials, and often has great giveaways available, and her blog is great for regular NOTD features.

5. Kandee - Kandee The Make-up Artist/Kandeeland

Kandee is genuinely one of the happinest people you will ever "meet" (i.e. watch/follow!), and I have to say I now spend more time following her personal blog (she's recently had another baby, affectionately nicknamed "cupcake"), than I do her other blog/YouTube. She is one of those infuriating unplaceable people in terms of age (I place her to be around mid-thirties but she looks about 20, shes beautiful!), and is always so cheery! 
Like Lisa Eldridge, she is also a professional make-up artist, but juggles this with being a mum to four children (she often tweets around 2am that she is editing her videos with one hand whilst feeding the baby with the other!). Her video tutorials are AMAZING - she covers everything from simple prom make-up, to making yourself look like Cinderella or Betty Boop (complete with wigs and outfits)! She also often posts small, quick videos with hints such as how to prevent eyeliner "meltdown" and how to clean your brushes. Well worth a look :)
6. Holly - YM Beauty Blog

The lovely Holly was the first blogger to kindly feature in my An Interview with... post (something I hope to make a series of!), and has been seen in Pregnancy and Birth magazine, as well as regularly receiving top beauty blogger awards. As noted by Pregnancy and Birth magazine, Holly provides really accessible and open reviews of the latest beauty products, and her really pretty FOTD's are often featured in her blog which provides great make-up inspiration! I also like her YouTube channel for regular beauty hauls, current "loves" and some product demonstrations (most recently was the Babyliss Root Boost, for example).

7. Vix - Vintage Vixen

Vix is a (as she says in her blog description) "jumble sale-ing, car-booting, skip-diving, charity shopping, revamping, hedonistic hippy chick in love with life, India and vintage clothes", who makes her living buying and selling vintage clothing. I actually discovered her blog on the Money Saving Expert Beauty Forum, and she's a fantastic inspiration for anyone ever considering searching Ebay, jumble sales, car boot sales or charity shops for some really unique bargains! When she's not in Goa she usually does daily posts on the treasure trove of items she's found (often for pence a piece!), and often advises on how to get the best out of jumble sale/car boot/Ebay etc shopping.

8. Sara Walker - SWalker Make-up

Sara is an aspiring professional make-up artist, and her blog/YouTube covers the usual mix of reviews, tutorials, hauls and TAG videos. She's fab for everyday look hair and make-up tutorials, but has also started branching out into more "themed" tutorials which would be great for Halloween!
9. Tiffany - Make-up by Tiffany D

I really like to have a blog/YouTube perspective from the other side of the pond (e.g. America), and Tiffany (also a professional make-up artist) provides the perfect blend of hauls, reviews and regular tutorials from the good old U S of A! For anyone who likes Blog TV she also has this channel here. It's good to see the similarities/differences between the products available in America and in the UK, and she has a regular stream of new products to review.

...and one more just because I can't believe how spoiled/lucky (delete how you see fit!) this girl is:

Do you have any favourite bloggers and/or YouTubers you think I should check out?

Melanie x


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