Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Style Crush - Christine Bleakley

I never used to be much of a The One Show (or indeed GMTV/Daybreak) watcher, but now that she's officially become a WAG (girlfriend of Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard) and is often in the celebrity goss mags, Christine Bleakley has crept onto my style radar!

She's definitely developed a very chic yet simple sense of style, and I can imagine she'd buy key pieces which might cost a fair bit of money but which will always look classic and will last a lifetime...

Got to love the nudes she's got going on!

I LOVE this jacket. I think I read somewhere it's from All Saints

Classic fitted blazer!

I want hair like this!

(The woman is never off her phone!)

I'm on the hunt for a scarf like this. And the bag...! Drool...

Who's style do you like?



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