Monday, 29 August 2011

Flash Review: Rimmel Vinyl Lipgloss

I would like to say there was some inspired story behind this particular purchase of Rimmel Lipgloss, but alas not: I was at the airport, realised I had forgotten my in-bag makeup (along with all my 15-million lipglosses) and had to make a mad-dash to Boots to stock up on vital supplies for my weekend away.

The Rimmel Vinyl Lipglosses were on special offer for around £4.50ish (...I've just realised everything I buy and blog about usually starts with 'it was on special offer'...!), and I thought this shade looked particularly plumpcious. So I 'took a chance' (har har) and bought it.

There was quite an array of pretty nudes/pinks available, but I opted for this peachy/pinky-toned gloss which has a shot of gold through it, making for nicely-natural lips with one coat.

It does take quite a few coats to make it particularly noticeable on the lips, possibly as a result of it being quite thin in consistency.

As a result. the staying power of this gloss is TERRIBLE (it literally takes one drink for it to wipe off completely on the glass), and does leave me feeling a bit disappointed in this as a Rimmel product.

I wouldn't recommend you buy this at full price - you can get glosses with far better staying power for a cheaper price from the likes of E.L.F. for example - but I did notice that the Vinyl Lipglosses (in the old-design packaging) were in stock at Poundland!

As a sidenote, I used this lipgloss as part of the Mila Kunis-inspired look I was going for the other day...

What lipglosses would you recommend?
I'm always on the lookout for more!

Melanie x


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