Monday, 29 August 2011

Style crush of the week...Sarah Jessica Parker

I feel like I haven't done one of these posts for a while (probably because you haven't Melanie!)

I'd forgotten how much I like doing these posts as a kind of look-book compilation of all my favourite celebrity styles and outfits that I like to try and take inspiration from.

My 'crush' this week is everybody's favourite style icon: Sarah Jessica Parker.

I -like most women in the world with access to a tv - fell in love with this tiny lady and her kooky style from the very first episode of Sex and the City, and still admire her to this day.
She's someone my mum would call 'attractive': not necessarily conventionally gorgeous, but there's something unique and beautiful about her.
She also has the most toned stomach/arms I have ever seen. I want!

As a busy mum of three, she tends to go for laid-back style during the day, but for events and nights out, she often brings back some of the Carrie style we all came to know and love, combining designer with funky vintage pieces.

I'm obsessed with her hair. I heat-styled my hair into oblivion trying to copy the straight-haired look she wore in one of the series of Sex and the City!


Not sure about the shoes, but the rest of the outfit = love

Doesn't everyone love this outfit?!

Juicy Couture did a hoodie very similar to this...

Very eclectic...yet it works

I'm off to do some (baked bean tin) weights...

Melanie x


  1. She's lovely isnt she. Love her hair xo

  2. I absolutely love your blog - and love this post. SJP seems to be a love her or hate her icon; i absolutely adore her; she has a fabulous figure and a brillant sense of style. Your blog is truly a delight; really inspiring and creative. I'm following now - looking forward to many posts more!

  3. Thank you ever so much :)
    decided to start the Style Crush of the Week posts as a little 'look book' of outfits that I could look back on if I need inspiration! x x x