Monday, 29 August 2011

Mini Mixed Haul

Hello my lovely, lovely people, hope you're all well

If you've already seen my YouTube video for this you might not want to read any further (you could find yourself experiencing a certain sense of deja vu), but if not then please don't let me stop you!

I've been picking up various bits and bobs over the past week or so, and thought i'd let you have a little peek..

Babyliss Turbo Power 2200 Hairdryer, £15 from Tesco
I'm not sure if it's nationwide (the price isn't reflected online sadly), but my local Tesco seemed to have some sort of in-store promotion on their hair care electricals, and given that my previous hairdryer had just convieniently blown up very recently, I decided to treat myself to a new one!

Revlon Colorstay in 110 Ivory, £12.99 from Boots
I was originally intent on picking up the Vichy Dermablend, but wasn't sure the colours were a good match for my (very) pale skin, so I decided to opt for an old reliable in the form of Colorstay!
I've tried Estee Lauder Double Wear before and i'm interested to see if this is a good high street dupe.

Boots Smooth Skin System Activation Gel, £3.05 from Boots
(To be used in conjuction with the Boots Smooth Skin IPL system)
I've actually had the smooth skin system since it was first launched, and have only recently ran out of the gel (I have only been treating small areas). Given the price of the original kit, thankfully the gel is a bargain!

Bic 3-blade razors (pack of 6), £1.99 Savers
Self-explanatory really!

Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Varnish in 420 Aqua Cool, £3.59 Savers
I had actually been eyeing this beautiful cornflower shade of blue polish for some time in Boots/Superdrug, but decided to pick one up in Savers as it was a whole pound cheaper in here than elsewhere!

Naked Soothing Eye Gel, £3.74 (on sale from £7.49), Superdrug
Superdrug currently have a half-price promotion on most of the skincare ranges available in their stores, and as I am nearly out of my Boots eye cream, I decided to try this gel from the Naked company.
They aim to make their products as natural as possible, and I LOVE the funny little sayings on their packaging (such as above: We don't belive in testing our ingredients on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy), which are quite much similar to those of Soap & Glory - nothing like a bit of humour to go with skincare!

Naked Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser, £2.24 (on sale from £4.49) from Superdrug
I thought this was a bit of a bargain for 200ml; especially so if it works!
I like the idea of using products which are not tested on animals, and which have nearly-all natural ingredients.

Naked Up Tone Girl toner, £2.24 (on sale from £4.49) from Superdrug (no website link!)
I like the idea of using a toner after cleansing to ensure i've removed every trace of make-up/grime before moisturising, but it was one step i've been missing from my night-time routine for some time.

Ecotools 6-piece eye brush set, £7.50 (plus 0.75p P&P), from this Ebay seller
I have been thinking about starting a 'proper' collection of make-up brushes for some time (rather than the various odds and sods I currently use!), and decided that these were a good place to start.
I've got a review of this particular little set in the pipeline, so i'll not say too much, other than I do love them!

Have you picked up any beauty bargains recently?

Melanie x


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