Sunday, 28 August 2011

An Interview With...Spinkle of Glitter!

I thought this pic was particularly apt!

I'm rather excited with today's An Interview With... mostly because the fabulous interviewee is one of my favourite Bloggers/YouTubers: Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter (who very patiently put up with and answered the series of emails I fired at her about this post!)

I can imagine many, if not most, of you are already familar with this lovely lady, but if not Louise is a blogger, YouTuber, Twitterer and member of the Glitter Family (as she calls it) - including Mum to the cutest, mooshiest little Baby Glitter ever!

If you ever need cheering up I thoroughly recommend you check out her YouTube videos, particularly the Vlogs (which she often makes with Zoe from Zoella.)

What inspired you to start your blog and YouTube channel?
I bought my first house 2 years ago and at the time, I was reading a lot of homey/interior type blogs. I decided I wanted a piece of the action so set up my own little place on the interweb. After about 6 months, things just progressed more towards beauty that interiors (I love both you see) and then YouTube seemed like the next step to take. I love YouTube for the increased interaction but my blog will always be my baby.

(Other than your own of course) what blogs/channels do you recommend?
That's a big question because I read and watch so many! Have a little looksie at who I subscribe to on YT. I don't tend to subscribe to people I don't watch. As for blogs, I'm currently loving Zoella (of course), Bubblegarm and Sofia's Journal.

If you could choose one celebrity to guest edit your blog for a day who would you choose and why?
Hhhmmmm. I'm not really into guest posts but if I had to pick somebody I would pick JK Rowling because she has a magical mind.

What one item (cosmetic or otherwise!) could you not leave the house without? 
Moisturiser. I can't bare dry feeling skin. Bleaugh!

Any make-up/haircare/skincare tips?

That's a rather big question! Haha! I have lots and lots of tips that I have accumulated over the years, too many to put in here! You'll have to have a look at my blog! Haha cop out!

Favourite place to shop?
Liverpool One.

Highstreet or designer?
Highstreet everytime.

Best fashion buy?
Little blue bandeau dress from Primark 2 years ago- it's love.

Any last parting words of wisdom?!

If something is worth doing, it is worth doing with a smile.

Thank you so much again to Louise for doing this interview, and make sure you follow/subscribe to her blog, YouTube and Twitter if you haven't already.

Melanie x


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