Friday, 24 February 2012

NOTW: Essie Island Hopping and Barry M glitter polish

This post is unbelieveably late/overdue (so much so that i've since changed my nail polish) due to Blogger having a bit of a fit and not letting me create/edit posts since Tuesday, but it was such a pretty nail combination I thought i'd share it with you.

I'm going through a bit of a glitter polish obsession at the moment (such a magpie), and it was all I could do not to coat all 10 of my nails in glittery sparkly lovliness, but I managed to just go for the one 'Lady GaGa' nail that seems to be so popular at the moment (although I am loving Karris' slightly different take on it where she's painted her index finger nail instead).

Island Hopping is only my second Essie nailpolish, and one which I got a while ago from a blog sale.
When I received it I wasn't too keen on it for some reason (goodness knows why) and it has been languishing in my nailpolish box for some time.

However in a bid to get through some of my nailpolishes (and reduce the ridiculous amount I have), I decided to whack this shade on, and I have been LOVING it.
It's the perfect 'inbetweeny' shade (i.e. between Winter and Spring when the weather is still a bit naff): a lilac/mauve/grey/burghandy combo which I can only be described as very sophisticated!

I then of course had to bring out the glitter...

You can buy Island Hopping from the likes of Ebay, and despite the prices of Essie being around £9 (and the brush, which I find too small/thin), I am really tempted to buy more as the formula is excellent and really hardwearing.

Do you recommend any Essie polishes?


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