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Interview with...HollyYM

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Good afternoon lovely people, i'm UBER excited because (other than the sun is properly shining for the first time in about 6 months) i've got a really good post for you today - a blog interview (covering make-up/skincare/haircare, style and, of course, blogging) with the fabulous Holly from the YM Beauty Blog.

Holly is one of the first bloggers I started following when I first got into reading blogs and watching YouTube channels, and I really like her friendly, concise way of writing/"presenting". A good source for reviews in particular, if you haven't checked our her blog/channel/twitter (all of which i'll link to at the end of the post), I really recommend you do.

So without further ado, please read on!

1. Blogging

- What inspired you to start your blog and YouTube channel?
I started blogging as part of my Internet Writing module at Uni, we had to create a blog. At that time about three years ago I had no idea what one was but then a friend of mine who is also make-up obsessed told me about Lollipop26writes so I checked it out and decided I would create YM, amy own journey through the world of cosmetics. After blogging for about a year I started my YT channel. I find YT easier in a way, it allows me to review more products much quicker, blogging can take hours which is why I can’t do as many posts as I’d like really.
- What would you like to achieve from your blog/channel?
Blogging has opened many doors for me, none that I had ever imagined when I started. Back then there weren’t many beauty bloggers now there are so many and companies are using this which is exciting for us bloggers. As an aspiring beauty journo blogging is a great way for me to get experience writing, be involved in the industry and have my say. I’ve already achieved a lot through blogging on a personal level but in the future I hope it helps me bag my dream job!! J
- What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their
own blog and/or channel?
Go for it!! One of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve had a complicated personal life for the past five years and if I hadn’t of had an outside hobby or outlet I would have gone nuts. It’s a great way to share your love of cosmetics, your opinions and make friends with a similar passion!
- (Other than your own of course) what blogs/channels do you recommend?
So so many great blogs out there now, I love Makeup Savvy, I heart Cosmetics, Glitterdollz7, Liparazzi. Bubblegarm, Mouldy Fruit, Tanya Burr and Kelanjo19 are my most read but I love many more.
- If you could choose one celebrity to guest edit your blog for a day
who would you choose and why?
Victoria Beckham for sure. I’m not really that into celebrities to be honest and don’t keep up to date with the gossip but I’ve always admired ‘Posh’. I think she has great style, I had admire her as a mother and aspiring business women. She looks great most of the time and I’d love to know her beauty tips and the products she uses as she has problem skin similar to mine.

2. Make-up/Skincare/Haircare

- Which celebrity do you think has the best overall make-up/hair style?
I’m loving Blake Lively at the moment, I love her style, hair and make-up.
- What one item could you not leave the house without?
Make-up item?? – Blotting powder for sure. Never ever go anywhere without a powder as my skin gets incredibly oily incredibly fast. I love Mac’s Blot Powder, YSL Mat and Radiant pressed powder and Clinique’s Invisible powder.

- Do you ever go out without make-up on?
Every single morning to take Lily to school. I am ever grateful for the invention of sunglasses!
- What would you say is the best Highstreet/drugstore line for each of the following, and do you recommend any products within in each category:
a. Make-up – Bourjois make great foundations and MaxFactor or Revlon for everything else.b. Haircare – I love James Brown shampoo/conditioners and Umberto Gianni styling products.c. Skincare – Really enjoying Roc at the moment and La Roche Posay.
- Any make-up/haircare/skincare tips? Double wash your hair with shampoo once a week, it will make so much difference to the look and feel.

3. Style

- How would you describe your style?
Classic but with a twist. I never follow trends I know my style and buy what suits me. I like to wear simple clothes but then express my style through accessories. I love wearing a plain black vest top and some great statement jewellery.

- Who's your biggest style influence/where do you draw inspiration from?
Nobody. I don’t copy other people or looks. I just like what I like.  I’m fussy when it comes to clothes, I only buy what I love. If I’m indecisive about an item I won’t buy just to buy like I do with cosmetics.

- Favourite place to shop?
Without a doubt I buy most of my clothes from H&M or Zara and Topshop/Gap for great jeans.

- Highstreet or designer?
Highstreet 100% for fashion and designer all the way for accessories. I strongly believe that it’s worth spending that little bit more and investing in well made accessories as you can wear these every day with anything unlike clothes.

- Best fashion buy?
A great handbag or sunglasses. They will last years and if you buy classic they will never go out of style and will go with everything.

- What would you consider wardrobe essentials?
A great fitting pair of skinny jeans, long vest tops and shoeboots.

- Fashion "do's and don'ts"?
Don’t wear short tops with leggings, actually not a fan of leggings in general.
Do own a pair of dark wash jeans, so flattering.
Don’t follow trends just to be ‘in’ wear what suits you.
Do buy great jewellery , you can be wearing the simplest outfit but jewellery can make something bland look amazing.

So there we have it, some words of style wisdom from the lovely Holly! I find these kind of things give a better insight into the person behind the blog, and I really appreciate the time/effort Holly took to doing it for me.
As well as her blog (linked to above), she also has a YouTube and a Twitter account:  @HollyYM
Thanks as always for reading :)

Melanie x


  1. Hollys' was one of the first blogs I started reading too. Really enjoyed this post :) xx

  2. Thanks :) I'm going to try and ask other bloggers for similar interviews, maybe once a month (if possible)?
    I'm always on the look out for new bloggers to follow, so if there's anyone you'd recommend or you'd like me to ask to interview then please say :) x