Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Melanie Moment...

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It's strange how blogging comes to be such a big part of your life, and how many people you get to 'know' (i.e. interact with) through it and Twitter.

Sometimes however, admidst all the product reviews and other abstract posts, I feel like the personal element is sometimes lost, particularly through blogging, because at least on Youtube you can see/hear the person whose video you are watching, and get an idea of the person they are.

Therefore today I thought I would have a little break from product reviews, and rather you learning about other bloggers (through my An Interview With... series), you can learn a little bit more about me in the form of a mini life update!

Where to begin. ("Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop" as the King said to the White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland!)

My Fiance and I have never had the most conventional of relationships, indeed our entire 5 year relationship has been a long distance one (punctuated by alternate weekends together, summer holidays, and time spent together over the Christmas/New Year period), and the idea always was (because I am such a home bird - I am incredibly close to my family, both immediate and extended) that Lee (my Fiance) would move up to Scotland. However as time crept on and Lee struggled to find relevant work up here (he is a cabinet maker/antiques restorer), not to mention the wedding (which was meant to take place on 1st of July this year) loomed even closer, things did start to get a bit rocky.

I suppose I was quite selfish just assuming that he should move, but at the same time he knew when he got involved with me in the beginning how close I was to my family, and how I didn't want to move away from them. But I suppose circumstances dictated otherwise, and it took us nearly breaking up over New Year for me to realise that sometimes life involves taking chances and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Christmas/New Year of 2011 into 2012 will not go down as the best of my life.
Like I say, we nearly broke up, and in the process my Mum and Dad (as they are paying for the vast majority of it) decided that we should postpone our wedding until next year some time. Looking at it now it makes sense - what would be the point in them putting more money into something that might not happen - as it gives us more time to sort ourselves out and actualy look forward to it, rather than stressing about moving in together and organising a wedding at the same time. But at the time it felt like a right kick in the teeth, and there is no doubt that the period also severely tested my relationship with my parents - my mum in particular - and for a time I have never, ever felt so alone. 

As the saying goes, too many cooks can spoil the broth, which I now whole-heartedly agree with in terms of how many people i've spoken to regarding my whole situation.
I am not one for keeping things to myself - I HAVE to talk things over with someone - and I am quite easily influenced, but in this case I think I spoke to too many. Once Lee, mum and dad, my sister, other family members, even my boss had essentially stuck their oar in and given me their opinion, my head was literally spinning, and I didn't know who to believe or what to think.  

It was one of my best friends who said (I can quote it word-for-word - i've still kept the text in my phone to look at when I get wobbly!): "Take one thing at a time, it's not a big race to get things done, it's about enjoying what's happening now - you and Lee are missing out on enjoying one another because you're both so focused on making the future perfect. Enjoy now and tomorrow will make itself."
Wise words I think you'll agree.
I just decided from that point that I need to be 'a big girl' and take more chances for myself - including moving away from my family if need be.

I started applying for jobs in Kent (where Lee is from), and I have been very lucky in that I was offered a couple of interviews after only a few weeks of applications.
I've been shooting up and down the country (Easyjet have done very well out of me!) to attend said interviews, and was actually offered a job with one of the companies last week, which I have now accepted.

So what happens next?
I finish work on the 30th of March, then plan to move down on Easter weekend (Lee is coming up to drive down with me. Should be interesting given that I have a phobia of getting lost!).
We are moving in with his Mum and his sister until I settle into my new job and can start looking for somewhere ourselves - living down south in comparison to Scotland is not cheap!
I don't plan on coming back to Scotland for a visit for a good month or two until i'm settled, as I know I will get HORRENDOUSLY home sick at first, and I think if I was to come back up too soon I wouldn't want to go back!
I am not going to lie and say I am 100% comfortable with it, but I am getting quite excited, and it will be nice to see Lee every day like a proper couple!

I can imagine that for the first wee while my blogging/youtubing will suffer slightly, as Lee's mum only has plug-in internet and more often than not she or Lee's sister or Lee is using it, hence it might be difficult for me to blog on as regular a basis as I have been recently. I'll maybe try and get stuff done in my lunchbreaks at work, but hopefully i'll get someone sorted as i've came to really enjoy blogging!

I think i've rambled on enough now (and well done if you've read down this far!), but I wanted to let you know a little more about me and what's been going on. I'd love it if you have had similar experiences of moving and so forth that you could tell me about - it makes things seem so much better!

Normal posting (i.e. reviews etc) should resume ASAP!

lots of love (because i'm now feeling mushy)
Melanie x


  1. I enjoyed reading this, I am so nosy! Good luck with your new start, sounds so exciting!

    1. Thanks :) i'm crossing my fingers everything workds out...

  2. That's incredibly brave of you. It's not like Scotland is just down the road from Kent, life is all about taking chances though, right?! Hit me up if you ever need a Bluewater shopping partner!! x

    1. Oooo I would love that - I don't really know anyone down there apart from Lee's family, and can't see Lee wanting to come shopping with me all the time! xxx

    2. Well just hit me up via Facebook or Twitter or email me.