Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Review: 17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Hot Chilli

I don't know what it is, but i'm currently going through a bold-lipstick phase, and like a magpie to anything shiny, I am immediately attracted to bright, summary shades of fuscia, red and coral!

I've taken to treating myself to a new lippie every now and then, usually when i'm at the airport and usually from Boots (I was considering taking the plunge and buying a MAC lipstick, but firstly I still can't justify the price - especially when i've heard Topshop lipsticks are just as good at half the price - and secondly they have taken a GIANT backwards step and started testing on animals), and so the last time I was in Boots browsing through (as I do), I was drawn to the 17 stand and the shiny new products it had to offer.

17 have become famous for their now well known Beehive Mirror Shine On lipstick, but they also have an impressive array of alternative lipstick shades and types available, including the Mirror Shine On, Supreme Shine, Sheer Moisture, Lasting Fix and Berry Crush Lipstain - details for all of which can be found here.

As you can see, after much ooohing and aaaahing and hmmming, I opted for the Lasting Fix lipstick.
17 claim that it provides long lasting, non-drying coverage for your lips that lasts up to 4 hours - not the most impressive of staying power claims, but likely to be the most realistic!

The Lasting Fix range offers a huge variety of shades - 20 in fact! - but I eventually opted for Hot Chili, which is a stunning bright orangey-red (more red than coral i'd say, but still beautiful). My mum hates it. But she's a bit old school (and never strays from her good old Maxfactor Lipfinity).

I think with some simple winged eyeliner it brings a modern twist to the old school glamour look, and will be perfect for the summer.
This is a very wearable shade that will flatter a variety of skintones: I have very pale skin and think it suits me just fine, and can imagine it will look stunning on ladies with darker skin tones too.

As with most long-lasting lipsticks, this can be a tad drying on the lips, but nothing a dab of lipbalm or moisturising lipgloss doesn't sort throughout the course of the day.

This is a matte-finish lipstick and VERY pigmented - literally only one quick 'swipe' over the lips is required - and applies very smoothly.
I actually think because it is so pigmented that it could easily last more than the 4 hour claim, as it adds a kind of vibrant stain to your lips, and whilst at first I did worry about it smearing all over my face (classy) it has great 'gripping' power and does slip over the lips at all.

I also love the packaging. Simple, sturdy, with a very MAC-esque pink interior (not unlike the Viva Glam lipsticks), 17 have definitely upped their game in terms of product quality.

As with all 17 products, the Lasting Fix lipsticks are very reasonably priced at £4.29 and are great value for money - i'll be buying more whilst Boots have their 3 for 2 offer running!

Have you tried any lipsticks from this range?


  1. Love that colour! I'm jealous that you can get away with lipsticks with orange undertones! I will definitely be checking out their lipstick range (my bank balance does not thank you for this review, but I certainly do!)

  2. haha you're welcome :) I'm really loving 17 right now xxx

  3. that colour looks amazing on you!

  4. Melanieee you have just made my day ive been after a bright red/orange like this for weeks and so far havent found just what i was looking for - but you may have just found it for me :) xx

    1. You're welcome :) 17 have a really nice selection of lipstick shades at the moment x

  5. Hi... I love this lipstick...I discovered it more than one year ago and everybody tells me that it looks good on me that really suits me . And today I discovered that they have discontinued in Boots !!! but why ?? it was the best color . do you know where we can get it from ??? x